Agency | 2.0.

Agency | 2.0 serves a niche market offering marketing services to anyone running a crowdfunding campaign. They work mostly with creative professionals and entrepreneurs and help them gain exposure for their campaigns through social media so that they their campaigns become fully funded.

It started when Chris Olenik decided to help promote a crowdfunding campaign that one of his buddies created. The campaign was called Rise & Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story - an independent film documentary.

By using an all new-media approach to marketing to promote the campaign, Rise & Shine attracted widespread attention and ended up raising over $233,000, becoming the #1 fully independently funded film in history. The wild success of this campaign made Olenik realize that there was a huge need for his expertise and Agency | 2.0 was born.

After that first campaign, things took off at a whirlwind pace.

While Rise & Shine was their first success, many other soon followed. Crowdfunding campaigns such as Landfill Harmonic, the Kreyos Smartwatch, Passages: A Watch by William Shatner and Egard, and Touchpico were soon added to the list. Agency | 2.0 was exploding, but there was hardly enough time to put together a proper online presence.

Agency | 2.0 brought in SPINX to create an online presence for them that would capture and portray the success they were having with the crowdfunding campaigns they were marketing.

SEO was also extremely crucial to Agency | 2.0 since most of their potential clients discovered them online. This meant building out pages with very specific and detailed content about their services. SPINX was able to create a site that balanced a lot of content with visuals.

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Agency | 2.0.