Lip Smacker.

Since 1973, Lip Smacker has been putting smiles on lips around the globe. With hundreds of flavor varieties ranging from classically delicious to weird & wacky, they are both a nostalgic favorite and a childhood staple.

Lip Smacker needed to update its brand strategy and web presence in order to keep up with the increasingly competitive marketplace.

Where they used to be the sole choice for bright and delightful introductory cosmetics for younger girls, new brands springing up left and right have introduced new, competitive options to their previously loyal following. Both their brand strategy and online presence were severly lacking organization, cohesiveness, and direction.

Through an extensive brand audit, SPINX identified that the change trajectory of the brand’s marketing and web presentation was the root cause of its falling behind the times.

At their beginning over 40 years before, Lip Smacker was marketed consistently as a lifestyle brand, which contributed to its exponential success the following decades. In recent years, their marketing had changed to be almost exclusively product-focused, completely losing the connection with consumers that had made it so successful previously. Also, thier online presence hadn't been given much attention, and the addition of new products over the years with no clear organization strategy made it very hard to locate the balm you were looking for on the website.

By helping Lip Smacker redefine their core values and updating their website, we created a clear path forward for the beloved brand.

Taking into consideration everything that we learned through the brand audit, we decided the best solution would be to redesign the Lip Smacker website following the latest web trends and techniques, but restoring the lifestyle feel and messaging from the brand’s earlier years. We also developed a cohesive organization system that would help website users locate the balm they were looking for while browsing online. The end result was a colorful and exciting site that mimics the authentic, fun and colorfully designed products Lip Smacker is famous for.

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Lip Smacker.