Taskiss is a super simple task timeline that offers a big-picture visualization of what needs to get done. Perfect for scrum masters, project managers, product managers, and design teams, Taskiss will help you stay ontop of tasks and let you see what needs to get done in a unique timeline view.

Project Management tools are plentiful, but too many are bloated with features that aren't helpful for the core role of a project manager: keeping track of tasks to make sure a project stays on schedule.

A simple search in Google for 'project management tools' yields over 150 million results, but it can be hard to find one that is simple to use and isn't bloated with features.

Taskiss was born out of the need for simple task tracking with a visual output.

Tracking projects using gantt charts and excel sheets can only take one so far. While they sometimes work to keep internal teams on track, the Taskiss team found that they were rarely effective at helping their clients visualize how deadlines fit into the long-term project timeline.

An easy-to-use task tracking timeline was the solution the Taskiss team was looking for.

With an intuitive interface, Taskiss allows teams to effortlessly create projects, add team members, input tasks, and track progress over the lifecycle of the project. Complete with a personal task manager and reminder emails that are sent out to remind the team when tasks are due, Taskiss is the simple solution for keeping track of tasks.

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