wet n wild.

wet n wild offers affordable cosmetics for eyes, lips, nails & face for those that are wild at heart. Located in sunny Southern California, edgy L.A. fashion is at the heart and soul of all their products. Their bold product offering allows women of all ages to #staywild. Since 1979, millions of women around the world have looked to wet n wild to deliver cosmetics that embody a fresh and fearless personality.

wet n wild's previous website was old, extremely outdated, and was a nightmare to update - sometimes trying to do a simple update on the site, like replacing a homepage banner, would break the site.

The site needed a lot of help - and not just from a programming perspective! Besides being extremely outdated (with no way to update without worrying about the site going down), the site seriously lacked the bold personality that embodied the brand. In addition, wet n wild wanted to make a major business shift and start fulfilling orders themselves, which meant they needed a website with ecommerce functionality and a powerful content management system that would allow them to manage orders, inventory, and reporting themselves.

With a mission to create a site that was equally bold + fearless in design and robust + easy to use from a shopping perspective, we dove head first into the redesign process.

Using the established brand guidelines as our main inspiration, we jumped into the strategy phase to make sure we laid out a solid plan for how we would bring the fund wet n wild brand to life on the site. The right mix of photography and bold typography, along with cheeky copy, helped our team create a visual look and feel that played well across all the pages of the site and portrayed the 'wild at heart' essence of the brand.

A well-planned features and functionality strategy was critical so that the site was built to provide an ecommerce shopping solution to customers that was both easy to use and powerful. Custom reporting and an integrated content management system ensured the ecommerce team at wet n wild would be able to manage products and keep tabs on performance (without having to worry about breaking the site!).

Pairing the new, bold design with robust ecommerce functionality gave wet n wild the boost to their online presence that they were looking for.

The fresh new face of wet n wild online has resulted in thousands of happy customers who were able to engage with the brand through the new site and place orders on the site. Managing inventory and reporting through the content management system has been a big help to the ecommerce team as they navigate their internal strategy shift and fulfill orders themselves. And since the site was built to live, breathe, and grow as time goes by, it can now stay as fun and wild at heart as the brand is!

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