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Stephen Moyers is an avid tech-savvy blogger & web marketing manager. He loves to write about online marketing, web design, entrepreneurship and much more. Apart from writing, he likes traveling & photography.

10 Ways to Be a Creative Entrepreneur

A successful business may start with a remarkable idea, but it’s sustained by hard work and a healthy dose of creativity. Effective entrepreneurs have the necessary knowledge, but they must also be adaptable and imaginative. The best have a balanced mix of several skills. Entrepreneurship takes ingenuity, perseverance, and most importantly, a little creativity. Creativity […]


The 8 Types of Entrepreneurs – Which Are You?

You may think you have an entrepreneurial spirit coursing through your veins, but not all capitalists are created equal. Depending on your dominant personality traits, the way you conduct business will vary greatly from your peers. So what kind of entrepreneur are you? We break down the common types, as well as how you can […]

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Health Check Your Website: 6 Symptoms of an Aging Site

Nobody wants an outdated website, and web design is so creative and easy these days that archaic pages are simply unacceptable. After all, web design should be about the user experience. That’s how you impress visitors and show off your brand personality. If you haven’t updated your domain in a while, now is a good […]


5 Website Design Best Practices (And 3 Terrible Ones)

Best practices in web design are constantly changing. As the internet evolves, so do websites and the way designers create them. One of the main factors that drive web design practices is how users access and explore the internet. Since the rise of mobile technology, web design has become more about being user-friendly and responsive […]