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How CDPs (Customer-Data Platforms) Can Improve UI

Your marketing team may use several buzzwords to describe their efforts – one might call it a “unified view of the customer,” or another might refer to it as “a central source of truth.” While every marketing team might think it has its own 360-degree view of the target audience, it’s usually not possible without […]

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What UX Data Should Every Company Collect?

Effectively managing the user experience (UX) – like most website strategies – relies on data. Data informs the decisions of website designers by tracking user behavior, making analytics visible, and gathering customer information. It gives designers the ability to make choices based on real user data, not speculation. Designers would be flying blind without UX […]

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Enterprise UX: The Struggle is Real

Enterprise user experience (UX) is software designed for employees, not consumers. For the users, it’s often seen as clunky, convoluted, and hard to understand. Employees feel frustration because they must use the software to work, but can find it difficult to navigate. Employers hold on to outdated technology because replacing it sounds too expensive and […]

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Building a Captivating Website Header

If your website was a house, your header would be the lawn. It’s the first thing users see, and it dictates whether they keep driving or stop to take a look the house. With so much riding on the header, it can be tempting to jam it full of bells and whistles. A header can […]

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Try These E-commerce Web Design Trends for Better Sales

E-commerce sites need to incorporate a flawless design, UI, and UX to impress customers. When your website looks crisp and is intuitive, users are more likely to spend time on your website and eventually purchase your products or services. Here are some design trends to look out for late in 2017. Mobile Responsive Design Users […]

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The Year of Live Video Streaming: Is It Really Worth It?

Following in the footsteps of 2016’s video marketing trends, live video marketing has become a powerful boon – and bane – for marketers. Users crave instant, live content, and several social media sites have risen to the challenge of providing it. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have all cited amazing influxes of users to their live […]