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Sukesh founded SPINX in 2005, and takes great pride in crafting custom web and mobile solutions for companies big and small.
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Top 6 Usability Mistakes Killing Your Conversions

Websites have become an integral part of every business. With web marketing growing every year and an increasing reliance on social media and other web-based forms of communication, there are probably more people competing on the web than on any other forum. With that in mind, your website should be the foundation of your enterprise. […]

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Sluggish Sales? 7 Things that May Drive Traffic to Your Website

Whether you’re looking to build your first website or are planning to revamp your existing domain, you likely want greater traffic, better leads, and more sales. Fortunately, this is a popular enough goal that there are some brilliant ideas floating around about how to increase conversions for your website. Simple design, clean navigation, effective use […]


The Rise of the Flat Design Web Trend

Flat web design is everywhere these days, and its popularity is growing. Many people use it constantly without knowing what it is or how it originated.  Origins Flat design originated as a direct contrast to the more directly representational skeuomorphic style. While skeuomorphic design has traditionally emphasized a screen image that closely replicates the look […]

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The Value/Importance of UX Research in Product Development

From secret shoppers to website evaluators, user experience (UX) research exists to solve problems. When you’re preparing to roll out a new product or you’re trying to pinpoint where users may be dissatisfied with an experience, there’s a lot to consider. Visual design, content and usability, information architecture, interaction design, user research, and more play […]