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Sukesh founded SPINX in 2005, and takes great pride in crafting custom web and mobile solutions for companies big and small.

Think B2B Campaigns Can’t go Viral? Think Again

When it comes to viral content online, B2Cs hog all the glory. Consumer-directed products just naturally lend themselves to engagement. Whether it’s food, retail, travel or another type of sexy industry, advertising stuff that the public already needs and loves is simple. However, that doesn’t mean B2Bs can’t score online. In fact, some of the […]

Online Marketing Tips

How to leverage Customer Relationships in the Digital Era

Much has been written about digital marketing, and how it represents a radical departure from traditional advertising. While the landscape has certainly changed in the age of the internet, many age-old fundamentals remain. Relationships, for instance, are as important as ever. Criticizing our digital age for its lack of depth has become a bit of […]


Make it Personal: Why Your Content Marketing is too Broad

We’re living in the Me Age, and I don’t just mean that holy-grail marketing force known as Millennials. The internet allows everyone to have a voice and as a result, each one of us is empowered online. From social media profiles to customer reviews to comments sections on websites, we’re encouraged to express ourselves. And […]

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Modernizing Your Website: The How and Why

The aesthetic of a company’s website can give many indicators of company attitude, professionalism, and performance to potential customers. As a strand of marketing the business, proper, modern website design is an integral tool to employ. Some of the trends below may be the ticket to looking more modern, but what other perceptions will they […]