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Social Media

9 Simple Ways to Reinforce Your Brand on Twitter

Twitter is moving fast and turning to be a terrific network in reinforcing brands. The network offers excellent opportunities to network and communicate with people over short text messages, of just 140 characters. You can see your brand booming on the platform in real-time by sharing promotional messages, engaging stories and organizing events.

Go responsive

Why Responsive Websites are Key in a Multi-Device World

According to Google, 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. Advocating a responsive web design is becoming next big thing in the market. If you’ve been considering a re-design of your site, or have been looking for ways to increase engagement and conversion, responsive is the way to go.

Trick or Treat

Halloween Costume Tips: How To Trick or Treat When You’re Over 30

Ah, Halloween. The one time of year when children are encouraged to dress up like goblins and ghouls, run from house to house, and demand free food from total strangers. But what happens when you’re over 30? Follow our guide to insure maximum candy acquisition this All Hallows Eve.