Black Radiance.

For over two decades, Black Radiance has been empowering and inspiring women of color by creating affordable cosmetics for women with brown, ethnic, and darker skin tones. With a well-establish and loyal following, they are a leader in this niche market and offer vivid products for eyes, lips, and face.

Black Radiance has worked hard to be seen as trusted experts and a valuable resource for women looking for cosmetics formulated for darker skin tones. Unfortunately, their online presence didn't reflect this.

An old, outdated website with a boring, overly white design lacked the vivacious character and vivid color that the Black Radiance brand was known for. Though they have created a cult-like following for their products, users browsing the site had no way of sensing the brand's personality from the basic, stark white pages.

Also, having recently decided that they wanted to start offering their products online and fulfilling orders in-house, they needed a website that was built for powerful ecommerce.

With our goals clearly defined, we embarked on the journey to create a site to showcase the bright and vivid personality of Black Radiance, while focusing on their product offering and keeping the shopping experience simple and easy to use.

One of the first things we did was plan out the ecommerce experience. We wanted to pull in product references whenever possible across the site to increase product exposure and create more buying opportunities. This included listing hot products on the homepage, adding featured products to tutorial pages, linking products in press mentions, and making it easy to add products to your shopping cart. To keep everything simple and easy to use, we incorporated a familiar shopping experience using best practices for ecommerce websites.

Another important part of the shopping experience was to highlight user generated content on the product pages. Since social proof is crucial for building trust and credibility in a product, we knew we had to have a well-designed space on the site for this. We did this by adding product testimonials to product pages and providing a communal space where users could upload images to show how they use Black Radiance products.

These techniques, partnered with bright graphics and new imagery gave the website the lift Black Radiance was looking for.

Black Radiance now has a website that they can be proud of. Thier loyal customers can easily use it to see what's new and order their favorite products. The powerful ecommerce platform was what they needed to transition into fulfilling orders in-house and lets them easily manage orders and inventory themsleves. With an amazing website to now back them up, Black Radiance can continue empower and inspire women of color through beauty for many years to come.

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Black Radiance.