Crafting A Website Out of Thin Air

Aircraft Spruce Website Design


Founded in 1965, Aircraft Spruce initially sold only one product: aircraft grade spruce lumber for aircraft construction and restoration. In the years to follow they’ve grown from a lumber dealer to being one of the largest providers of aircraft parts and supplies with thousands of products in inventory.

With such a large amount of growth over the years, Aircraft Spruce needed to update their website. Their website was very old, didn’t conform to contemporary web standards, and was clearly pieced together over the years. It functioned well, but from a design and UX perspective, they needed a lot of work.

Knowing that their backend systems worked well, they hired us at SPINX Digital to redesign some of the most frequently visited pages (the homepage, dropdown menus, product category page, product listing page, product detail page, and the checkout pages). We also provided them with a style guide so they could take the design language we created and apply it to the lesser viewed pages that we didn’t design. They liked our designs so much, as soon as the project ended, they rehired us to design their email templates.

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