Creating a Calm and Serene Ecommerce Presence for an Elevated CBD Skincare Brand

Audrose Ecommerce Website Design & Development


CBD has been taking the beauty industry by storm, and Audrose was receiving notoriety for their skincare products before they even had an established website. In June of 2019, Audrose was asked to meet with Anna Wintour, CEO of Vogue, to discuss their up-and-coming company. Through that meeting, Audrose realized that they have something truly unique, and partnered with us to build a digital presence that provided the same feeling of well-being their products provide.

Our #1 goal was to make it extremely easy to browse products
and move customers to conversion by checking out.

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The product pages are intentionally designed to
pack a wealth of information in a small package.


With an elegant and serenely designed site, Audrose now has a robust platform to be able to sell their innovative skincare products. Leveraging the streamlined backend from Shopify, the site is set up for ease of use for both Audrose admin and front-end visitors. Working with such a science-centric beauty product was a fulfilling journey from beginning to end, and we’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to lay the digital groundwork for Audrose’s online growth.

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