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Best 10 Websites of 2015 ! You Wanna Know Them?

Did you know there are over 180 million active websites on the world wide web? The internet bursts with content, from excellent to mediocre and downright horrible. Websites add more content daily, which makes it difficult to find high-quality sites. In fact, the content explosion complicates things for new business owners or website managers who […]

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Health Check Your Website: 6 Symptoms of an Aging Site

Nobody wants an outdated website, and web design is so creative and easy these days that archaic pages are simply unacceptable. After all, web design should be about the user experience. That’s how you impress visitors and show off your brand personality. If you haven’t updated your domain in a while, now is a good […]

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How to Use and Customize EverWeb

EverWeb makes designing a website incredibly easy. EverWeb, created by Rage Software, is a Mac design application that lets you create websites quickly and easily. The websites are attractive and customizable and are built using a simple drag and drop interface. Upon first using the app, you’ll notice the website you’re building is laid out […]

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Commonly Made Sidebar Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Many web designers neglect appropriate sidebar usage. Sidebars are often loaded with more distracting features and content than readers know how to deal with, which may lead them to leave the page. Even if a reader doesn’t leave the page because of an over-crowded or otherwise inappropriate sidebar design, he or she will come to […]

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How to Design Functional Menus

So you’ve gotten people to come to your website, which is a great first step. Now you need to get them where they want to be, or they’re likely to bounce. Having a good menu will help prevent bounces by getting people where they want to be efficiently. Although menus might seem complicated at first, […]

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Top 6 Usability Mistakes Killing Your Conversions

Websites have become an integral part of every business. With web marketing growing every year and an increasing reliance on social media and other web-based forms of communication, there are probably more people competing on the web than on any other forum. With that in mind, your website should be the foundation of your enterprise. […]