Lock Tight Strategy, Design and Development For A Fastener Fabricator

Click Bond Website Redesign


Since 1987, Click Bond has been a leader in the aerospace industry; manufacturing incredibly durable and lightweight fasteners and allowing for faster and stronger planes and helicopters. Over the next 30 years, Click Bond expanded their offerings to maritime vessels, land vehicles, and industrial applications, providing quality fastening hardware to a wide array of markets.

However, being an industry leader didn't mean there wasn't room for improvement with regard to their website's functionality, aesthetic design, and UX strategy. After our initial meeting with Click Bond, we quickly realized what needed to be done in order to bring their website up to the level of their industry stature.

The Click Bond redesign was a wonderful process from start to finish. With a solid UX strategy in place and beautiful designs, we were able to develop and launch the kind of website Click Bond deserves.

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