Weighing in on a Content-Heavy Website Redesign

NCWM Case Study


The National Conference of Weights and Measures (NCWM) works with companies that manufacture weighing and measuring devices to certify that these devices are accurate and maintain consistent standards across the industry. NCWM came to SPINX hoping to modernize their website appearance and make their complicated membership platform easier to use for both staff and website visitors alike.

NCWM needed a website that was intuitive for its users,
and we were up to the challenge to help create this.

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The new NCWM website is the perfect blend of minimalist design and complex but easy to use
functionality - its simple interface makes the use of the site enjoyable for all users.


Thanks to a successful collaboration, we were able to deliver a new website that NCWM and SPINX are proud of. A unique content-heavy project, we enjoyed the challenge of strategizing the best way to manage data and information in an effective way.

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