Conducting a Substantial Website Upgrade For a Silicon Wafer Supplier

Silicon Valley Microelectronics Website Design & Development


Silicon Valley Microelectronics (SVM) is the largest distributor of silicon wafers in the world. Boasting a 30,000 square foot facility in the heart of Silicon Valley, they’ve carved out a niche for themselves in the tech capital of the world.

Unfortunately, their website lacked usability and didn't hold up to modern web standards. Fonts were illegibly small and line lengths were far greater than what is recommended for contemporary UX practices, making text strenuous to read. In addition, the performance of their website on mobile devices was abysmal.

Although web design wasn't SVM's forte, they reached out to the right professionals - they hired us, and we worked closely with them to deliver the online experience they dreamed of.

Not only did we upgrade the usability on their site to meet modern web standards, we also gave them the ability to manage the site fully on their own through a custom integration with the Wordpress CMS. Needless to say, Silicon Valley Microelectronics is extremely excited to show off their new site and to keep their site fresh with new content as their business grows and changes in the future.


  • +18%

    Pages per session
  • -12%

    Bounce rate
  • +42%

    Session duration
  • +63%

    Organic search traffic

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