Hands-on Approach to UAV Website Design

AeroVironment CIS Website Design & Development


AeroVironment has been an industry leader driving innovation in the fields of automotive and aeronautical energy efficiency and unmanned aircraft systems for over 40 years. Recognized as being the largest supplier of small, unmanned aircraft systems to the Pentagon and to dozens of allied nations, AeroVironment is no stranger to life saving technology. Whereas their previous unmanned aircrafts were designed to save soldiers in the field, their newest innovation, Quantix™, coupled with their cloud-based analytics and reporting system, Decision Support System™ (DSS), is designed to save farmers’ crops. The drone uses five different lens lenses to asses plant health, photosynthetic activity, stage of growth, and plant anomalies so farmers can quickly and accurately monitor their crops health.

Animated SVGs provide a subtle and
very powerful way to increase the user
experience and visually guide a user’s
eyes to areas of interest on the site.

Aerovironmentcis Discovery Image
Aerovironmentcis UX Startegy Image
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Aerovironmentcis Webdesign Test & Launch Image

By employing custom fields, we were
able to give website administrators access
to edit certain parts of the website while
restricting other sections ensuring the
website adheres to the brand guidelines.


Thanks to our beautiful designs, seamless development, and inclusion of animated SVG graphics, we were able to clearly speak to the benefits of AeroVironment CIS’ innovative products while retaining user engagement through an intelligently strategized user experience.

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