Remaking Amyris, One Molecule at a Time

Amyris Inc. UX Strategy & Website Redesign


Amyris was founded on the vision of making a positive impact on the world through science. Best known for their life-saving malaria treatment created in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Amyris has since expanded their focus to engineering ingredients from renewable plant matter which have been used by some of the world’s leading cosmetic, fragrance, lubricant, and fuel brands.

With such a forward thinking and environmentally conscious business, we at SPINX Digital set out to design a website that reflected their emphasis on technology and sustainability while driving site visitors to partner with Amyris in the creation of their next product.


  • +8.33%

    Avg. Time on Page
  • 5%

    Decrease in Bounce Rate
  • +32.8%

    Mobile Device Usage


  • Silver Winner Horizon Awards 2016Horizon Interactive Awards2016 Silver in
    Corporate & B2B

Its said that a good facelift looks like a weekend at the spa,
and that’s exactly what we did for Amyris’ new website.
Nothing too drastic. Just a nice weekend at the SPINX Spa.

Key Team Members

  • Project Manager
    Ryan Gould Project Manager
  • Director of Creative & Strategy
    Lisa Steward Director of Creative & Strategy
  • Project Manager
    Nilesh Macwan Project Manager
  • Lead Designer
    Jeffrey Lo Lead Designer
  • Lead Developer
    Keyur Ajmera Lead Developer
Amyris Discovery Image
Amyris UX Startegy Image
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Amyris had a lot of content strewn all over
the place. Thankfully, our Information
Architects are neat freaks and love
uncluttering content.


  • +8.33%

    Avg. Time on Page
  • -5%

    Decrease in Bounce Rate
  • +32.8%

    Mobile Device Usage

Thanks to focused goals and a concentrated UX strategy, we were able to create a winning content strategy to let the Amyris story shine through. The end result is a usable, informative site that encouraged site visors to become world changers by partnering with Amyris. While Amyris is busy remaking the world one molecule at a time, we’re thrilled to have helped redesign their website, one molecule at a time!

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