Unboxing a New Website for a Beauty Packaging Company

APC Packaging Website Redesign


APC Packaging is a company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality packaging for the beauty industry. Clients are able to choose from a variety of stock packaging options, or can opt to create completely custom packaging designed specifically for their brand. By owning their own production facility, APC Packaging is able to control every aspect of the design process, giving them a huge competitive advantage.

This beauty packaging manufacturer was missing one thing: a modern, easy-to-navigate website with all their products on display.

Despite having global workforce and being a major player in the beauty packaging industry, APC Packaging was perceived as a small ‘mom and pop’ business due to their sub-par online presence. They came to us with the desire to create a new website that would reflect their global impact.

APC Packaging’s old website was not very user friendly, had an outdated design, and did not accurately reflect the company’s identity. The website felt cluttered, and visitors had trouble finding the specific product they were looking for. Even when visitors were able to locate the product, information provided wasn’t comprehensive, and most people ended up reaching out to contact APC Packaging directly for information.

As we started setting up goals for their new website, we jumped on a call to interview the key stakeholders at the company. Guided by what we learned during our session with them, we outlined 3 main goals for the redesign: 1) provide visitors with the ability to request a quote, 2) build out a robust product search, and 3) make sure each product was equipped with detailed specs and information to cut down on repeat inquiries for that information.


UX Strategy

We knew that if we wanted to re-position APC Packaging’s online presence, we would need a solid UX strategy. Armed with knowledge about the different target audiences for stock vs. custom packaging, we began strategizing the best way to accommodate the two different user journeys on the site.

As a result, we devised two separate ways of browsing through the available stock and custom packaging options. Flowing from the homepage, into the navigation breakdown, and continuing onto the product list and detail pages, we structured things in a way that made it easy for visitors to understand which type of packaging was right for them.

Both user journeys were planned to culminate with the final call-to-action (CTA) to request a quote, but the custom user flow utilized an enhanced product details page template that called out the various customizations available for that product. We also planned for a detailed section of the site that was devoted to the extensive custom services APC Packaging offered that would allow these users to self-educate themselves on the different options available.


Once the UX strategy was firmly in place, we segued into design and development. During the design phase, we pumped up the visual appeal by combining artistic Instagram-worthy images, clean typography, and a friendly, calming color palette.

The website was programmed using responsive programming, which ensured visitors would have an excellent experience viewing the site, whether they were on a mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, or large-screen device.

We elected to build the website on the WordPress CMS so the client could easily update content in the future. It also allowed us to utilize WooCommerce for the request a quote feature. The request a quote feature was unique because it allowed visitors to add multiple products to a “quote cart” that they could then submit for a comprehensive quote.

Another special feature we added to the site was a quick-view pop-up. This feature further mimicked an ecommerce experience and empowered visitors to see a quick overview of the product before committing to clicking into the internal page for more information.

Test & Launch

As part of our quality control phase, we tested the website on multiple mobiles, tablet, and desktop devices and in various browsers.

We encountered no major issues during the testing and were soon ready to launch the website. Once we uploaded the code files to the client-server, they opted to point the domain themselves.

The new website displays all products clearly and makes it super simple for visitors to request a quote.
Closing Thoughts

We helped APC Packaging put their best foot forward online by crafting a simple way for users to search for products, find product information, and request a quote on their website. This metamorphosis changed APC Packaging’s online perception for the better, resulting in a user friendly site that reflects who the company really is.

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