Optimizing Online Opportunity for a Healthcare Analytics SAAS

Analytics for Risk Contracting Website


Analytics for Risk Contracting (ARC) is a subsidiary of COPE Health Solutions that offers a Software as a Service (SAAS) platform and guidance to healthcare organizations faced with risk-heavy contracting. ARC came to SPINX looking for a simple landing page that would provide a clear overview of ARC’s offerings with a straightforward way to contact their team for a demo of their platform.

It was important that the landing page feel cohesive with COPE Health Solution’s main website, while still being able to distinguish ARC as its own enterprise. Building on top of COPE Health Solution's existing branding, we cultivated a visual language for the page using fonts, colors, pill-shaped containers and buttons, and custom icons that gave the ARC page a professional and trustworthy look and feel. 

The long-scrolling landing page was structured to lay out the story behind ARC's SAAS platform and share it's key value props. The page features dynamic animations throughout to increase engagement and enhance the visual appeal.

In the end, we successfully delivered a crisp website that encourages visitors to engage in a journey and ultimately sign up for a demo of ARC's platform.

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