Connecting Aircraft Owners w/ Pilots & Flight Attendants on a High-flying Web App

Contract Crew Web Application Design & Development


Contract Crew began as a concept. An entrepreneur approached us with an idea to help private aircraft owners find qualified pilots and flight attendants for upcoming trips. To our surprise, there wasn't anything like it in the market that did the matchmaking for the aircraft owners, so we jumped on the opportunity to help convert Contract Crew from notes on napkins to a full fledged web application.

Before designing or developing anything, we spent countless hours strategizing and wireframing. We knew this site would be complex so we needed to ensure we had our planning done from the outset. This meant not only wireframing internal pages, but planning out a detailed sign up process with different forms and fields for pilots, flight attendants, and aircraft owners.

With our wireframes in place, we designed and developed a beautiful, but robust, site full of complex rules. For instance, emails are sent out to pilots/flight attendants whenever a new job is posted for which they are qualified. Additionally, when looking at the dashboard of available jobs, pilots/flight attendants can only see those jobs for which they are qualified.

We are incredibly proud of the work we’ve done for Contract Crew and thrilled to see the completed project in action with pilots, flight attendants, and aircraft owners connecting both digitally and in the air.

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