I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.
I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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3 Essential Apps For Your Beauty Website

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beauty industry success story A beauty industry success story.

Cosmetics is a $100 billion industry that’s crowded with household names that are synonymous with glamour. Rather than let themselves be scared off by the prospect of going up against L’Oreal or Estée Lauder, new cosmetics success stories shine each year.

In 2014, cosmetics startup Julep showed how a savvy firm can leave its rivals in the dust and carve out a niche for itself. The company has found success by some very high-tech means: building word-of-mouth through online channels and accumulating startup capital through crowdfunding methods.

Julep in particular shows how a small cosmetics firm can grow its brand by using the online means available to it. The entrepreneur behind True You Cosmetics, another success story, says that “increasing our SEO…and creating more relationships with our social media fans and customers” is the “the golden ticket” to growing a cosmetics company. Ask anyone behind a successful cosmetics firm, and they’ll say that taking advantage of web-based means is crucial to growing a business.

We’ve told you how to avoid the top digital marketing mistakes in the beauty industry. Here are the website apps that will help you set up and grow your beauty website.


ShopifyBilling itself as “Ecommerce without the hassle,” Shopify is a great resource for anyone looking to start a business quickly and with minimal hassle. This is for those who’re in the beauty business as a side-gig, or night-and-weekend work, rather than those looking to invest 110% in creating an industry-changing startup.

The platform provides users with hundreds of attractive, easy-to-navigate templates for their online business. Shopify users are given access to several apps to make business easier, including apps to keep inventory in sync with orders, one to make upselling easier, and a great shipping app. Users can also rely on Shopify’s support team, and those who have some programming knowledge can access the HTML and CSS of their storefront to personally customize their site.

For those whose cosmetics websites aren’t looking to change the industry game, Shopify is a great resource. If your business plan is more ambitious, you’ll need a site of your own and some apps to help manage your team.


SEO-Pro nxfx

As the startup whiz behind True You Cosmetics said, raising a cosmetic startup’s search engine ranking is a necessity if a firm is going to prosper. To stay on top of one’s ranking, SEO Pro is a must-have app for any beauty company.

Of all the available SEO apps, SEO Pro strikes an ideal balance between great user interface and access to a wealth of analytics. SEO Pro lets a company monitor their rankings across many search engines, and provides a great platform to review metadata. The app is one of the highest-rated search engine ranking monitors for good reason.



The people running beauty startups that succeed are all clear about how important social media channels are to their business. In a crowded market like cosmetics, word-of-mouth is crucial, and social media engagement is a necessity for brand management. It’s true that despite the millions spent on cosmetics marketing, vloggers far outweigh marketing companies when it comes to customer influence. In short, to succeed in the beauty industry, a firm needs to stay on top of social media.

Buffer is a great app for doing this. The app enables a business to link all their social media accounts on one platform, acting as a one-stop-shop. With Buffer, a company doesn’t need to devote a lot of resources to managing their separate profiles. Instead, a company can focus on the important aspects of social media advocacy, like responding to customer queries and amplifying positive testimonials.

With these apps, you’ll be in good shape get your beauty website up and running. If your site is functional, but you’re not seeing the traffic and conversion that you want, there’s more you can do to generate business. At SPINX, we’ve got experience with reviewing and revamping a beauty site. After an audit of your numerous digital properties, we will come up with an action plan. With our expert redesign, site optimization, and a great social media campaign, you can expect results we’ve delivered before for clients such as Physician’s Formula. We brought their engagement way up—a digital cosmetics success story.

If you’re interested in growing your business through design and social media, contact us. We know how to make a beauty site—and its traffic—more beautiful.

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