Ultimate 9 Ways to Reinforce Your Brand on Twitter

Currently, Twitter has 328 Million active registered users who are benefitting daily from this social networking and micro-blogging service. The network is extremely helpful in boosting a brand to the next level with its target audience. Careful planning can help you leverage the platform to expand your business opportunities.

Ultimate 9 Ways to Reinforce Your Brand on Twitter

In this post, you will learn the many ways you can build your business prospects better and bigger on Twitter.

Twitter: Take Your Brand to Next Level

1. Choose a Unique, Memorable Twitter Handle

Your Twitter handle (aka Username) is as important as your domain name. If you do not have one, start your search and secure it!

Some tips to consider while searching:

  • Keep it short, around 15 characters is ideal.
  • If you can, keep it as close to the business name as possible. Like @LouisVuitton, @TommyHilfiger, @SPINXDigital, etc.
  • If it’s not brand-name specific, it should relate to your brand.
  • Use keywords if possible, but don’t over-optimize for the search engines.
  • The exchange gives you an opportunity to choose handle names if what you’re looking for isn’t available and you’ve got the cash to spend.

2. Make Your Brand Stand Out

You need to make your brand distinctive. There are many brands present on Twitter, all in a race to compete for retweets, favorites, and followers. Write your Twitter bio to distinguish your brand, and give it some personality! Also, create a personalized Twitter background, share exclusive details about products and services, product previews, discount offers, etc.

3. Be Unique. Be Yourself

Twitter is the fastest (and arguably greatest) platform for establishing your brand.  We cannot ignore the fact that Twitter is driving potential customers and helping them form their opinion about their favorite brands. Your Tweets should be conversational, and friendly and stay within the voice of your brand. Make it easy for your followers to respond to your Tweets and retweet consistently.

4. Syndicate Content with TwitterFeed

TwitterFeed gives you a consistent way to enhance your brand presence on Twitter. If your brand has a blog, syndicate your posts with TwitterFeed. When your followers share your posts and retweet them, your business gets further exposure and social shares.

5. Add Twitter To Existing Properties

For this, consider using the following features:

  • Promote your Twitter account in your blogs.
  • Include your Twitter account in your email newsletters.
  • Use your Twitter handle in your email signature, along with your website URL.

6. Powerful Third-Party Applications

With the help of Twitter applications, you can keep in touch with your industry connections. It saves you time and can give you much-needed exposure. Some of these tools are mentioned below with their unique features.

Twellow: Use this to discover people in your industry and connect.
GroupTweet: Send private messages to specific groups with GroupTweet.
Tweetbeep: It helps you get alerts about your brand reputation.
Twitter Alerts: Keeps track of conversations that mention your brand, your products, etc.
Tweet later: Programs your to-do tweets in advance and tweet them later.
Twitter Grader: Informs you about your Twitter influence in your city or country.

7. Post-Unique Content & Promotions

A great way to increase activity around your brand is to offer followers exclusive product deals. Offer regular discounts and promotions like “Double Discount Mondays” or “Flash Sale Fridays”, which can kickstart your potential customers. Also, do not forget to do a follow-up. Thank them for their participation and for spreading the word!

8. Use Promotional Tactics

Drive your customers and engage them in a unique way to increase your brand awareness. Following are some promotional ideas you can employ to engage them.

  • Go for your big product launch with excitement. Promote them well in advance.
  • Start seasonal events, industry events, cultural events, etc. to attract your followers.
  • Drive conversations during events and tweet content regularly.
  • Promote event talks using hashtag post-events.
  • Launch a Twixclusive to drive sales, and attract your followers through Tweets and Retweets.

9. Assess Analytics

Measure your success on Twitter with the help of analytics. Twitter analytics tools help you know accurately how your brand is performing. These tools let you know the impact of your direct efforts on your followers.

The Wrap Up

Growing your brand on Twitter in real-time is exciting, and requires constant attention. People have experienced success by utilizing promotional messages, sharing, engaging stories, and organizing events. The network is more popular than ever and is being used to connect with people who are curiously following your brand. Now’s the time for you to escalate your brand presence and reinforce your business on Twitter, get to it and remember to have fun!

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3 thoughts to “Ultimate 9 Ways to Reinforce Your Brand on Twitter”

  • Hey SPINX, I came across this post through social media community and I would say that it’s truly amazing. I love the way you’ve explained the content and how Twitter platform can be helpful for establishing a brand. Truly all social media platforms are very much essential nowadays to build relationship between consumer and brand. I really like all Twitter tools which have been shared over here and for which I was not aware about of. I’ve shared this to my network. Cheers..:)

    • Very glad to hear that you liked the post, Maxine. And you are right, every social media platforms are very much essential and important nowadays.

  • Hi, I totally agree with you on the importance of Twitter for brand building and the careful planning that brands should do to ensure they maximize their benefits from Twitter. The more you engage with your followers the more your brand messages can reach. Think of the celebrities on Twitter that have high engagement, they are been paid thousands of dollars for a sponsored post. Tweetbeep would be interesting tool to monitor your brand mentions, will check it out.

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