How Cloud Computing Transforms the Design Industry

How Cloud Computing Transforms the Design Industry

Cutting-edge technological advancements are increasingly adopted across industries to streamline operations and provide added value to the end consumer. Among others, cloud computing is gaining enormous traction, disrupting the way we interact with computing resources.

Cloud computing allows businesses to bring their processes to a brand new level. And while governments, the financial sector, and telecommunication companies were the earliest adopters of the cloud, the technology has spread far beyond those, revolutionizing creative industries such as web design.

In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at how cloud computing transforms the design industry. Let’s dive in.

Cloud Computing Explained

Cloud computing refers to the on-demand delivery of IT services via the Internet, including applications, servers, storage, databases, networking, etc., hosted at a remote data center run by a cloud services provider.

Cloud solutions allow for quickly accessing technology services without owning and managing physical data centers and servers.

In simple terms, cloud computing takes the responsibility of storing and processing data away from the device you are using — all the processes are happening within a remote computer cluster.

The Internet takes the role of the cloud, making your files and applications available from any device with an Internet connection from any corner of the world.

13 Exciting Cloud Computing Benefits & Use Cases in the Design Industry

13 Exciting Cloud Computing Benefits & Use Cases in the Design Industry

Design teams can leverage the potential of cloud computing in a variety of ways. One of its most common use cases in the design industry is reliable and secure file storage. Cloud-based file hosting systems help designers easily view, share, and access files and documents from any device.

Many designers have also switched to cloud-based applications to edit images, build wireframes, create animations, etc.

Moving to the cloud brings a host of indisputable benefits that are transforming the design industry. Some of them are the following.

1. Safer Storage

Thanks to cloud computing technology, web designers can finally sigh relief and forget about the headaches of losing important files and data breaches. Of course, you can always back up all data manually, but let’s be honest — it takes up your precious time and the effort you could spend on more critical tasks.

To avoid that unnecessary hassle, designers can use a reliable cloud storage solution to back up their files.

What is more, when deciding to move your files and docs to the cloud, you get virtually unlimited storage space, which can be easily scaled up and down based on your needs.

2. Seamless Collaboration

Collaboration is one of the top priorities across design teams that help ensure a project’s success. Cloud computing can significantly streamline collaboration.

First, cloud-based platforms enable team members to easily view and share information without compromising security.

Cloud-based applications also allow design teams to effectively collaborate in real time, regardless of the location of each team member. Any changes in the cloud are seamlessly synced, which translates into more efficient and productive workflows than passing files back and forth.

Some services include collaborative social spaces to connect team members and enhance project management.

In addition, cloud solutions enable creative agencies to work closely with their clients. As a result, design teams are more likely to meet client requirements, facilitating customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Instant Access

The downtime of any business activities can lead to loss of profits and reputation damage, making it imperative for organizations to minimize downtime. Given that, accessibility is one of the primary reasons organizations move to the cloud, and the design industry is no exception.

As already mentioned, cloud computing empowers designers to access files, documents, and applications from anywhere with an Internet connection. This allows for working on lighter tasks literally on the go, using mobile devices.

This way, cloud computing helps ensure that every creative idea that suddenly comes to mind will never be missed.

4. Unlimited Opportunities for Remote Work

With their impressive capacities for storing, accessing, and sharing files, cloud solutions help companies leverage global talent.

For example, web design and branding agencies can hire top designers from any corner of the world, driving the same value as if they worked in-house.

On the other hand, cloud technology enables designers to work on various projects without any geographical limits, gaining valuable experience and growing professionally.

5. Lower Costs

Cloud computing can go a long way toward cutting down overhead costs. Fair enough, since setting up and continuously maintaining a data center can cost quite a lot.

On the contrary, cloud solutions provide seamless access to computing resources without breaking the bank. Moreover, most cloud services offer a pay-as-you-go model, which means you only pay for what you use.

6. Improved Speed to Market

Enhanced collaboration, instant access to data, and an immediate feedback loop all contribute to making design processes faster and more efficient. As a result, you can dramatically reduce the time to market.

7. Sustainability

It’s not a secret that the world is facing severe environmental challenges. As a result, many businesses are becoming environmentally conscious, initiating greener practices.

Cloud computing is a sure way to make your web design company more environmentally friendly. Using cloud-based solutions for storing and processing data means reducing the number of data centers, which results in lower energy consumption.

Reducing carbon footprint is a hot topic today, and clients who care about the environment are more likely to hire a greener design agency.

8. Focusing on Your Core Functions

Being a jack of all trades doesn’t sound like a good idea in the 2020s. Focusing on too many responsibilities at a time can adversely affect your business performance and leave you lagging behind your competitors. In addition, your IT infrastructure can consume too much effort and attention, distracting you from attaining your business goals and satisfying your clients.

On the flip side, design agencies can concentrate on their core activities by delegating their IT hosting and infrastructure to a reliable vendor.

9. Flexibility

Next, the cloud provides design agencies with more flexibility compared to hosting on an internal server. How does it work? If you need to add bandwidth or storage space, a cloud-based service can immediately meet this requirement.

On the contrary, updating an on-premises data center will take more time and costs. The greater flexibility provided by cloud solutions improves your business’s overall efficiency.

10. Insightful Analytics

No matter the size, each business deals with massive amounts of data today. Cloud computing can help organizations make the most of this data by integrating cloud storage with cloud analytics tools.

These tools allow for tracking and analyzing your data, from customer transactions to inventory management. As a result, you can get actionable insights into optimizing your processes and workflows.

11. Automated Updates

Web designers use multiple software applications to create new designs, edit images and videos, etc. Things change at a blistering pace in our digitally-powered world, making any software as long relevant as new updates come out. And they frequently do — each developer goes all out to add new features to their applications to stay competitive.

Now imagine that you have your deadline burning, and each minute is worth your gold, but you have to wait for updates to get installed. Irritating, isn’t it?

However, this is not the case when you use cloud-based applications — they automatically update themselves, saving designers plenty of time.

12. Reliability

When making decisions on IT infrastructure, one of the primary features organizations seek in their solutions is reliability. There’s little surprise in that — no one likes downtime, interruptions, and security breaches. Cloud computing effectively tackles these issues.

Cloud solutions are continuously maintained and updated by service providers, giving design agencies ultimate peace of mind that their apps will always be up and running and their files securely stored.

In addition, cloud services have established procedures for automatically handling failure scenarios, adding an extra security level to protect your data.

13. Improved Customer Experience

It’s safe to say that all the points mentioned earlier greatly feed into enhancing the overall customer experience. Designers can give clients access to their files on cloud storage, discuss the project in real-time, and even make instant edits to better meet customer needs.

The quick feedback loop considerably accelerates the pace of the project, bringing more rapid results and increasing customer satisfaction.
Cloud computing allows design teams and their clients to achieve project goals without the need to meet face-to-face. Actually, they can fruitfully collaborate over tens of thousands of kilometers.

Moreover, agencies that use the cloud have a reputation for being responsible and environmentally-friendly businesses. This gives clients a feeling of making our planet a better place by partnering with such a company.

Finally, the enhanced analytics opportunities the cloud provides help optimize different aspects of the business, including customer experience.


With the impressive benefits it offers, cloud computing is sure to go on disrupting the design industry. Switching to the cloud drives multi-layer value, equally benefiting staff members and customers.

In addition, cloud computing is a greener, more secure, reliable, and cost-efficient option, so consider your shift to the cloud to future-proof your company.

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