Navigating our way in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is here to revolutionize the face of social interaction and create virtual experiences like never before.

Navigating our way in the Metaverse

As we navigate our way in the Metaverse, here are a few tips to help us plan our digital adventure better.

  1. What is a Virtual World?
  2. How do we operate in a virtual world?
  3. Which are a few virtual worlds that we should explore?

– Decentraland
– The Sandbox
– Breakroom
– Gather
– Horizon Worlds

What is a Virtual World?

Let’s think of the Metaverse as a digital universe which contains all other virtual worlds. Each of these worlds is created to host a unique experience for the visitors and you can enter these digital oases with the right technologies.

Some of these worlds are supported by Augmented Reality [AR] tools that enhance the physical world with sound, and visuals that are activated by the user’s real-time movement in their physical environment. While many of us have experienced AR experiences through website engagements, or otherwise, we can only expect the Metaverse to accelerate the AR experience with new and improved technologies.

Other virtual worlds are powered by Virtual Reality [VR] tools to create an immersive experience and transport the user from their physical surrounding into a digital universe. The users wear headsets that create a simulated experience through visuals, sounds and digital content that add life to that world. VR has been in existence, and we may have experienced it through gaming, however, with the introduction of the Metaverse we expect this simulated 3D environment to offer more captivating experiences.

How Do We Operate in the Virtual World?

Now that we have understood how to enter the virtual world, the question remains – How do we operate here?

Cryptocurrencies are the transaction tokens which will enable digital transactions in the virtual world. Each of these digital worlds has its own transaction tokens which can be used to buy and sell in that environment.

SAND is the digital token to operate in The Sandbox, an online gaming universe, whereas its biggest rival Decentraland, operates with MANA as its digital currency. Similarly, every virtual world has its own unique currency which enables users to virtually exist in that world.
NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens that are considered digital assets in the Metaverse. These represent digital media in the form of visuals, texts, and codes that are completely unique and can be purchased from the creator.

Users can create their own 3D avatar to represent them in this digital landscape. What makes this digital representation more exciting is the fact that users can completely personalize their avatar and can add their purchased NFTs to it.

Virtual World’s To Explore


The first-ever blockchain-enabled space in the Metaverse, it allows users to explore, create and trade in its digital world. Launched in February 2020, Decentraland is a virtual world that offers users a completely immersive experience through creative social engagement and gamification.

In this world, users can purchase land, craft it according to their creativity and monetize upon it later. They can also create unique avatars that represent their identity in that world. Users can trade their land and digital assets in the marketplace.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox
A competition to Decentraland, The Sandbox is a virtual world that allows users to trade plots of land in its digital world. Users can monetize their land by adding digital assets and games in it for other users to experience. The Sandbox is an interesting platform for users to monetize a gaming experience in its digital world.

What’s more interesting? Rapper Snoop Dogg has his mansion in The Sandbox. Virtual land sold around his property is priced at $4,50,000.


A fairly new virtual world, Breakroom was designed to allow companies to take their workspaces digital. The companies can conveniently create their own themed workspace and customize it in a scalable and affordable manner.

Through virtual office spaces and virtual classrooms, Breakroom enables work to go digital seamlessly.

The Breakroom offers immersive experiences that aid in networking, allowing the audience to enhance their social presence in the digital world.


Launched in May 2020, Gather is a virtual world that focuses on the essence of Humanity and positive emotions in the virtual interactions between users. Unlike many other virtual worlds, Gather uses a 2D aesthetic and is simpler in the art styles.

In this virtual world, users can customize their own events and social engagement parties to bring users together. From birthday parties, and wedding celebrations to conferences and virtual offices, Gather has managed to bring millions of users together in its virtual world.

Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds
Horizon Worlds ensures an immersive gaming and social experience. Users can create their own space in this Virtual World and can build on their space using their creative flair.

Users have the option to decide how they operate in this Virtual World. They can opt to Play games, attend events, or socialize with other community members. By creating their own environment in this digital world, users can build a fun engaging gaming experience for one another.

With the advent of the Metaverse, we are witnessing our world move digital in a never-seen-before manner. Today we have the opportunity to explore multiple digital ecosystems and explore their unique offerings. Since the advent of the metaverse is relatively new, you need to be extremely careful while choosing from among the Web design companies to craft your very own metaverse. Make sure to have your agenda in mind. Research the company inside out. Make sure to ask for demos of metaverses that have been created for other clients. The options are truly endless.

So, our question remains, which virtual world will you explore first?

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