An App for Entertainment Cast & Crew to Get Paid, Pronto

Cash on Wrap Application Design & Interactive Prototype


Cash on Wrap is a new startup with an incredibly inventive product. Within the film industry, there are several payroll companies, and each production company may use a different payroll company. Since cast and crew members typically get paid after a production wraps, and cast and crew members can be involved in several productions within the span of a few weeks, it can make it very difficult for cast and crew members to easily track when and where their money is coming from.

Cash on Wrap's bold idea is to integrate with these payroll companies and aggregate future payment information into one concise place. By integrating with these payroll companies and giving visibility into their future payments, Cash on Wrap can then offer cash advances to the cast and crew members at a small, nominal fee.

The company is in the beginning phases of fundraising, so they hired us to build a Venmo-esque working prototype to share with potential investors. We strategized and designed an interactive prototype to convincingly demonstrate all of the features and functionality within the Cash on Wrap application, and can't wait to see where it goes from here!

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