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CBSSI Website Redesign


CBS is an international broadcasting television network intent on producing quality programming for a diverse audience. Best known for hit shows like The Big Bang Theory, Survivor, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, MacGyver, and many more, CBS is no stranger to award winning content, and we at SPINX Digital were thrilled to step up to the plate and have the opportunity to deliver a website on par with the network's publications.

With such a long, storied history of televisual success, we at SPINX Digital set out to design a website that reflected the tradition and esteem of CBS while maintaining ease of access for site visitors to discover the shows they are most interested in.

Working within CBS’ database structure, we were able to
automatically associate news and press releases with
certain shows, allowing users to access current news
through the show’s detail page.

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A healthy blend of rigidity and flexibility was employed
in CBS’ new site design; placing restrictions on page
designs to ensure that website admins adhere to the brand
and website guidelines while giving more creative
freedom in specific areas as needed.


Thanks to clearly outlined goals through our discovery meeting and a clear and concise UX strategy, we were able to elevate the CBSSI website on par with CBS itself. The new website is incredibly user friendly, informative, and responsive regardless of browsing device.

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