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A Complete Research Guide to choose the correct Mobile App Development Company

Are you a startup? A product or a solutions company? A Budding business owner, entrepreneur , Marketing Director, Marcom professional, CIO, President, or a Decision Maker ? If yes, then this mobile app development guide is for you. Here, you will find 2023’s leading app development companies for your next mobile app project. This guide breaks down the complicated mobile app development process and provides knowledge to the ones willing to improve their apps or plan to enter the apps market. You will also find an outline of the steps you need to undertake to find the right app development partner.

With a cumulative experience of decades in the enterprise app development space and in-depth knowledge in mobile solutions front, this guide has been crafted with a lot of thought, with an aim to help you at all the stages of the buying journey.

Lets get started

With people spending a majority of their time on their mobile phones, it is now imperative for every organization to have its own mobile application.

We need not tell you but If you want to know just how important a mobile application is, you should know that by 2023, mobile app downloads are expected to reach 258 billion, which is a 45% increase since 2017.[7]

With the rapidly increasing adoption of mobile solutions, a mobile app has become extremely vital for business success.

To the same effect, your choice of the right app developer adds significant value to your business, making it the most critical choice that you have to make.

We know searching and vetting for a potential app development company can be an exhausting process. There are millions of app development firms around the globe, but you should choose the best one to cater to your business needs. That is why we have curated a list of the top 13 mobile app development companies for you that will help you build a cutting-edge, customized solution.

Apart from this, our guide will also tell you why mobile app development is essential in current times. Once you know all the benefits of having a mobile application, we will also help you find the best mobile app development company for your needs by acquainting you with the questions you need to ask a mobile app development agency to know if they are the right fit for you.

The guide also gives you an in-depth view of the various mobile app development types and platforms so you can evaluate which is best for your business. Lastly, it will tell you the mobile app development lifecycle, cost, and duration needed to build your mobile application.

This extensive guide would help you understand the A to Z dynamics involved in the process of selecting your ideal app development partner from the above curated list enabling you to meet your business needs hassle-free.

Hence, before you start with the mobile app development project for your business/corporation, please read our research guide to keep your fingers on the pulse of mobile app development that will help you choose a leading app development company. It will ensure you have an excellent and successful application for your business.

After thorough quality-checking, our expert team has put together a list of 13 of the best mobile app development companies in the world in 2023. You can filter the companies as per the city you live in for your convenience.

Scroll down to see the top 10+ firms across the world. You can also choose to see the best firms in your area by opting for the ‘By Location’ feature.

Let’s have an in-depth look at all the above listed mobile app development companies

All the 13 companies curated above, would certainly help you realize or stress on the need of mobile app and the benefits associated with it, but let us detail out the most important pointers for you in the easiest possible manner.

Now that you are familiar with the reasons why you should have a mobile app, it is time to know how exactly this application will benefit your business in the long term. We are sure the following reasons will remove any doubt you might have in your mind about if your business requires a mobile app.

Now that you understand the basic necessity of a mobile app, it is important for you to also learn and have a broad understanding of the types of mobile app development methods/systems.

Most business owners or corporates face challenges during mobile app development as they are not clear as to which platform to use, who it is for, kind of application to go for – Android, iOS, or both? The platform you choose is critical to determine several elements, features, functionalities, how to monetize, optimize user experience, and structure pre-launch marketing activities.

Needless to say, your mobile app development agency / partner would help you decide to go with either platforms (hybrid, native, web app, pwa) based upon your project concept, needs and budget.

Businesses who have become engaged with mobile app development will now have to understand the complete lifecycle or process followed by companies that lead towards building a successful app. The process or the lifecycle of the application development that your technology partner relies upon could be the determining factor for your project’s success. Choose it wisely and carefully. To guide you in this direction, we have covered the entire lifecycle involved in modern enterprise application development and not just one activity such as development or launch.

You now have a thorough understanding of the importance of mobile app development, its various types/methods and platforms, and the development lifecycle, well now, the most vital step is to choose the right development partner to fulfil your mobile app dream.

The decision of launching an app is easy, but how you approach the project is what matters and makes the app successful and popular. Having an in-house team for app development is good, safe, and you can control the project. But, the current trend is to appoint an expert as the right development partner comes with a vast pool of experience, in-depth domain knowledge, as well as can help you reduce time-to-market efficiently.

While the company you hire should tick all the above boxes, at the end of the day, it is a person or group of people who will be working on your application. Hence, there are certain qualities you must look out for to ensure you have found the best developer for your app.

Traits your mobile app developer must possess

While you have chosen the agency of your choice, the team working on your mobile application comprises individual mobile app developers. At the end of the day, the app development team and its members are the brainchildren behind creating your app.

You need to make sure that you choose a team that has mobile app developers who possess the following qualities:

Strong UX skills

Your app will see success or failure based on how easy the user finds it to handle. Hence, the developer working on your app should have strong UX skills to design an enjoyable application with simple navigation and seamless user flow. It can only be possible if they understand consumer personas by understanding the users’ behavior when they will be using the app. They should also be able to evaluate the application through wireframing before introducing it to the market.

Strong UI Skills

UI comprises the design, color, graphics, audio, visual, and language that make up the app experience. It should be engaging so that your users spend more time on the application. To enable this in your app, the developer should have strong visual skills, balance, and clarity about what elements go well with one another. They should also be proficient in the different features and buttons that can be integrated into the app so you get the best possible application. The ability to get feedback through prototyping also helps developers make changes to the app whenever required.

The ability to work across multiple coding languages and platforms

Different platforms support apps created using varied coding languages. The developer working on your app should know basic coding languages such as Kotlin, Java, Swift, and Objective-C so they can build apps for you. They should also be able to develop apps across platforms such as Android, Windows, and iOS. It is a bonus if they can create hybrid apps that work across all platforms, so you do not have to create separate applications for the same.

They should be flexible and adaptable

The process of developing an app is not an easy one. There are many steps and processes involved in getting your app out in the market. Hence, you need a developer that updates you along the way and is willing to make changes when required. They should also be willing to switch from development to testing as and when your app requires.it

They should know about cybersecurity

It is a skill that is only rising in importance with time. With a lot of sensitive data being available online and on your app, your mobile app developer should know how to create a secure application. They should know how to protect the data of all your future customers and safeguard your application from malware attacks and malicious software.

They should have strong personal skills

You will be working closely with this person on creating your application, so you should ensure they have strong personal skills. These include good communication skills so you can work closely together, the willingness to work in a team, creativity, and resilience to keep working on the application, no matter what hurdles come your way.

When you have a team with mobile app developers that possess all or most of these qualities, you know you will get the best possible application.

Another factor that makes an app most ideal for your business is its cost. Developing this app should not be too heavy on your pockets, which is why we have put together a list of the different factors that affect the cost of mobile app development.

Factors That Affect The Cost of Mobile Application Development

Now that you are aware of the stages that will be a part of the mobile app development cycle, you need to know the different factors that will impact the cost.

It will help you get a good understanding of how much it should cost to develop a mobile application for your business.

  • The cost of the platform chosen

    If you are developing your application on iOS, it will cost more than developing an application on Android. Hence, the choice of platform affects the total cost, with some platforms being more expensive than others.

  • The features of the application

    Every single feature that you add to an application is going to increase its cost. With each new feature added to the user interface and design, the complexity and uniqueness of your app increases, as does its cost.

  • Testing of the application

    Before the app is introduced to the market, it needs to undergo testing. At every single stage, your app needs to undergo testing for bugs. You also need to check if it is running smoothly. It adds to the cost based on if you are using testing software or if you have a dedicated team for the same.

  • Security of the application

    In today’s day and age, data security is essential. You need to ensure that the data users will be feeding into your application does not fall into the wrong hands. For this, you need to invest in security levels within your application, which will add to the cost.

  • The maintenance of your application

    After the application is developed, the cost of maintenance also needs to be taken into account. When the app is functioning and seeing a high number of visitors, it will require updates and backend support, which will add to the cost of developing the application.

    Once you know what mobile app development companies can charge you for, you will be in a better position to know what you should be paying them.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Mobile Application?

Before you know exactly how much it costs, you should know that a variety of apps can be built including e-commerce portals, utility apps, entertainment, travel, finance, productivity, games, social networking, weather, enterprise solutions, and children’s apps.

The cost of each application above depends on the complexity, functionality, plugins, development platform, and the development language client chooses as mentioned before.

Generally, the price range that you would be looking at is between $50 to $199 per hour rate. However, other contributing factors need to be taken into consideration. These include the types of graphics, animation, AR/VR functionalities, size of the app or platform, etc.

Certain mobile companies may offer mobile app marketing or maintenance services or app optimization services at an additional charge to help you with the end-to-end mobile app project. To know in detail about the estimated price of your project, you can get in touch with the team of the agency you have selected, and they will help you with a detailed quote.

Do make sure that you mention the type of application you want to build, as well as the features you want to integrate into it. It will give you a better idea of the final cost.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Mobile App?

Multiple factors contribute to the success of app development. Some projects with complex functionalities and plugins may require a longer time to develop than others. However, an approximate guide is that a typical mobile app development project will take 2-6 months for the development work. Still, there is no definitive timeline for the same. It varies from person to person. Project / project.

Launching an app on the Apple store takes more time v/s publishing the app on the Play store. Apple follows a very detailed reviewing process, which increases the launch time significantly. Many other factors might delay the overall process, including:

• Any mid-project changes by the client.

• Unexperienced developers in the team.

• Complex technology, plugins, and functionalities.

• Lack of MVPs or prototyping

However, in today’s competitive scenario, one cannot afford to slow down in the development process. Top mobile app development companies can quickly reduce the development time without compromising the quality with MVPs and prototyping, selecting a cross-platform option, engaging a professional and experienced team, and offering ready-to-use white label solutions.

This is why you need to make sure that you choose the right developers for your application. To ensure this, these are some of the questions you should ask them.

The Questions You Should be Asking App Developers

How do you know if an app developer has all the skills that have been mentioned above? The best way to know them better is to ask them or their team lead some questions that will help you get an idea about their work portfolio, working style, and who you will be working with.

Here are some of the questions you should surely ask:

• Do you understand my business model?

• Have you worked on apps of a similar nature before?

• May I see a sample of the previous apps developed by you?

• May I speak to your past clients to know how happy they were with the service?

• What is the range of services that you provide?

• What is your process when developing an application?

• How much time will you be able to devote to developing my application?

• Who are the developers who will be working on my application?

• Will your team submit the final application to market stores?

• Will you provide post-app maintenance services?

• Can you build apps across different platforms?

• What are the coding languages you know?

• Will I have ownership of the code?

• How involved will I be in the app development process?

• Will you help me monetize the app?

Things have changed beyond our imagination in the app development field. The evolution in the smart technologies, platforms, and designs have kept businesses on toes to match the growing mobile app development trends.

If you are ready to unlock the opportunities that come with mobile marketing, let us help you unlock significant value that comes with following the latest app development trends. At the last stage of the app development project, take a look at these ruling trends that will give you the power to boost brand visibility and help your app shine in the crowd!

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