Formulating the Perfect Website for a Data-Driven Retail Science Brand

Juvo+ Website Redesign


Created in 2013 by technology and search industry experts, Juvo+ uses analytics and data generated from proprietary research engines to drive the development and production of thousands of unique products. Their data-driven game plan has positioned them to be one of the fastest growing companies in North America and has catapulted them to be one of the top 10 sellers on Amazon, Walmart and Target.

Juvo+'s previous website was outdated, unimaginative,
and didn't clearly describe what the company did.

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Juvo Plus now has an modern and engaging website that
complements their innovative position in ecommerce.


After thoroughly researching, strategizing, designing, programming, testing, and launching, Juvo+ now has a gorgeously fresh website that positions them as the leaders in eCommerce and retail analytics that they are.

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