Helping a Cosmetic Company Look and Feel Their Very Best Online

Merle Norman Website Redesign


Merle Norman is a trusted cosmetics brand that has been empowering their female franchise owners for over 85 years. At it’s core, it is a family-run company founded by a women, for women who want to take control of their destiny by running their own business, and look beautiful while doing it.

An old, outdated site was hampering Merle Norman’s
online appearance, so our strategists and designers got
out our digital makeup brushes to give the site an
internal and external makeover.

Merle Norman Discovery Image
Merle Norman UX Startegy Image
  • Merle Norman Website Redesign UX Strategy Image 1
  • Merle Norman Website Redesign UX Strategy Image 2
  • Merle Norman Website Redesign UX Strategy Image 3
Merle Norman Webdesign Test & Launch Image

A smart UX strategy and some fresh designs
helped our creative team bring out Merle Norman’s
true beauty online.


An overhaul is not always recommended during a redesign, but it happened to be exactly what Merle Norman needed. By giving a complete makeover to both the front end and the CMS, we helped their website team accomplish their goals while making the web a more beautiful place, one website makeover at a time.

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