Texas Based Law Firm Gets a Bigger & Better Website

Robin M. Green Website Design & Development


Robin M. Green is a renowned lawyer in the greater Lubbock, Texas area. With close to 50 years of experience, he has practiced in a broad range of areas, including criminal, family, government fraud, and bankruptcy law. Unfortunately, his previous website lacked professionalism, wasn't engaging, and didn't do a good job of representing his expertise. With zero images, it was also very sparse in terms of content, and didn’t have any calls to action (CTAs). Mr. Green knew they needed a change, and hired us to develop the right strategy, curate beautiful designs, and deliver cutting-edge development.

Since Robin M. Green's law firm is based in Lubbock, Texas, we spent a great deal of time sourcing and featuring regional images on the website. This was very important, as we wanted site visitors to be able to visually identify with his location. This unique approach provided a point of connection for those familiar with the area, as opposed to imagery you might find on a generic multi-state law firm website.

One of the foundational pieces of our new design is thought leadership articles. We strategized ways to feature articles throughout the site without forcing users to wade through a repository of articles. Of course, visitors could access the full library if they wish, but by bringing new articles on the homepage and allowing related articles to be accessed on practice area pages, visitors can find relevant articles at any step of their journey through the website.

Since launch, the website analytics have shown a big uptick in visitors accessing the site and the duration of time on site. Best of all, through the contact form, they have been generating valuable leads from potential clients.

With an online presence that is now on par with Robin M. Green's track record in court, he can stand confident that he has an elite, high-performing, and engaging website.

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