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At SPINX, we offer the opportunity to engage with our professional team of digital experts in what we call the Sandbox. This special service area allows you to discover how your concept can become a reality -- whether a site, app, microsite, or other online product. Want to experiment with a marketing campaign? Are you considering a full overhaul of your current website? Our digital experts will work directly with you to explore the steps involved in bringing your concept into the real world, all for a minimal investment of resources.

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The three Sandbox zones

The project you envision could move into the first phases of development in one of our three Sandbox areas – Strategic, Design, or Technology. Join up with a team of experts that are there strictly to assist you in the areas that you most need assistance.

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Who is it for?

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    Are you in the conceptual phase and need help developing an idea? Our team can help you take your concepts to the next level, build a prototype, or create a strategy doc that could help you secure funding.

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    Do you need to flesh out a marketing campaign concept but have a limited team? Multiply their efforts by enlisting our team to work with you to figure out all those little details.

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    Do you have limited resources and time, but need help building out your concept? Our developers will be happy to lend a hand to help get your concept to where it needs to be.

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    Do you need initial design concepts created? Our designers are up for the challenge of turning your ideas into a visual concept that you can use to kickstart your next steps.

What do I get?

Are you on a fact-finding mission about a project in development? Get answers you can trust from some of the top professionals in the fields of strategy, design, and technology. The investment of resources will provide you the data you need to move forward. Your project can move out of the conceptual phase and into development with the right roadmap for success. The Sandbox includes 20 hours of professional assistance in strategy, UX, design, programming, or marketing expertise. We deliver the goods in various forms, depending upon the type of assistance you needed. Some sample deliverables include: audio files of interactions with our professionals, a recap report, wireframes, or design compositions.

What do you need? We have it all!

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