Producing a New Video Spec Marketplace

Spexster Web App Design & Development


Spexster is a startup created to connect videographers with advertisers. The idea for it was birthed after the filmmaker founders decided to create a marketplace that would allow them to sell spec videos (footage shot for a pitch, but not selected). The marketplace allows advertisers to find an already-created video for their marketing campaign, provide the videographer with their branding materials, and have the videographer make the minor edits needed to create the final product. It's a win-win for both advertisers and videographers - advertisers don’t have to hire videographers to produce a video, and videographers can market specs that were created but not used.

A cinematic look and feel conveys the purpose
of the site and sets the stage for action.

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Boosting visitor engagement within the conversion funnel was
accomplished through interactive features and intuitive functionality.


We're currently in the process of continuing down the project roadmap and have been adding to the functionality and features available on the site, which has been met with a positive reaction by users. With a bright future ahead of them, Spexster is more than ready for it's time in the spotlight.

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