Managed PPC programs save you money.

Pay-per-click marketing programs, if not carefully managed, can be pricey. We don’t take a shotgun approach – we carefully monitor the progress of the program, the number of quality leads coming in, and tweak your program for better performance. We care about our clients and what they spend, and believe they have every right to expect results.

How do we do it? It all comes down to the research we perform before the program rolls out. Our team is looking for where your customers go and what they like and dislike. Employing this in-depth research means a bigger bang for your marketing buck.

search engine marketing

A strong search engine marketing campaign is critical

There is no denying that engaging in a methodical search engine marketing strategy can put your business in front of many new customers. What are some of the advantages?

  • Analytics: we believe in facts

    At SPINX, we are big believers in analytics. We measure results as the program rolls out, and tweak it to increase user response. We watch, learn, and listen from day one. Our team measures cost, sales, views, click-throughs, visitors, and other factors so your PPC budget goes further. There’s more – want to review the results? We want you to, and generate reports and KPI (key performance indicators) so your C-level team can have their finger on the pulse.

  • It’s all about making the right connections

    Your ads need to appear at the right time, in the right place. At SPINX, our PPC marketing team digs deep into the facts to determine exactly where and when your ads should appear to get results. You need to connect with potential customers, and we find out where they hang out before we launch your campaign.

  • Playing the game like the big guys

    Even a new business can have a presence that blows away the competition with a carefully crafted PPC campaign. Starting a new enterprise, and ready to make a splash? No matter the size or scope of your business, a targeted PPC campaign, when done right, drives sales.

  • Testing – we go the distance

    Our concern with getting results for your marketing budget means we test everything, and in a multitude of ways. A/B testing to measure response, and careful review of analytics to increase performance is a crucial aspect of our process.

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