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wet n wild offers affordable cosmetics for eyes, lips, nails & face for those that are wild at heart. Located in sunny Southern California, edgy L.A. fashion is at the heart and soul of all their products. Their bold product offering allows women of all ages to #staywild. Since 1979, millions of women around the world have looked to wet n wild to deliver cosmetics that embody a fresh and fearless personality.

Interactive Media Awards 2016 Best in Class Award
Horizon Interactive Awards 2016 Silver in E-commerce / Shopping


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Our first priority with design was to establish a consistent brand identity. Our exploration led us to finding the best fonts, colors, and bold imagery to use for the site.

Our first priority when we first tackle a project is to have a thorough kick off meeting with the company’s decision makers and marketing department to determine the project’s goals. During this period of time, we were able to find out that the current wet n wild site lacked the flexibility for the client, first and foremost. It was nearly impossible to make any updates to the site without it breaking (a simple banner change would do it!). On top of that, wet n wild was looking to branch out into E-commerce, which could not be done with their current set up. The site was not user-friendly and did not cater to their audience, who often times were confused by the brand’s look and style choices. Additionally, we established that since E-commerce is a new venture for this brand, we would need to establish trust with our users as well as find ways to engage them and make them repeat customers.



  • Fast/easy/accessible/intuitive checkout process
  • Build brand trust using social media
  • Create value by showcasing supplemental makeup videos
  • Main focus: #crueltyfree #staywild
  • Enhance product pages

Our first priority with design was to establish a consistent brand identity. Our exploration led us to finding the best fonts, colors, and bold imagery to use for the site. It was important to also highlight that all products are #crueltyfree as this is a concern for anyone involved in cosmetics.

Our data shows that the product pages recieved the most traffic; these pages will help us establish trust with our new online customers. All products should display catchy description of products, reviews, ratings, ingredients, customer comments to guide other users, and social media sharing of the product. Product strategy was also crucial to connect with our users. In addition to fun and quirky product naming and vibrant photography, we employed a variety of violators for each product including Online Only! products, Limited Editions, Sale, and exclusives to newly launched products.

Although getting users to the product pages is our end goal, we needed to show the user our site has value that caters to their needs. Users will return to the site if there is fresh and exciting content that will provide some value to their life. For a cosmetics site, this meant videos for makeup tutorials as well as making the brand’s social media prominent. This way we ensured the loyalty of our customers, and became more than just a cosmetics brand.

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To prepare wet n wild to move their fulfillment center in-house, our team built an easy to use CMS using the Magento platform that would allow the client to complete orders directly through the site, facilitate shipping of items, and provide detailed sales report. Most of these features were custom as Magento’s default system does not offer these services. A complete upgrade from their old system!

We also made sure that the site’s speed performance was not affected by Magento’s default system, so we used features such as caching algorithms to maximize the site’s speed. Finally, we prepared the site to handle the high volumes of traffic the brand was expecting for this launch.

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The testing phase for this site had to be extremely thorough. There are over 100 products on the new wet n wild site, thus making sure all product details pages displayed correctly, checkout was smooth for all products, shipping calculations are accurate, and all credit cards were being processed safely. Additionally, it was crucial for the mobile site to provide a smooth experience since a majority of users make purchases using their phone.

Once the site was tested to perfection, we conducted user testing to ensure the site guaranteed a pleasant user experience. Some results of this testing led to the client choosing different shipping policies and marketing strategies.

The site was launched with a newly polished server infrastructure to handle the high volume of traffic we were expecting in the morning. Testing was conducted immediately after launch, and our developers were at hand to resolve any issues before traffic commenced.

wet n wild had a strong brand that just needed some re-structuring.

wet n wild had a strong brand that just needed some re-structuring. This project allowed wet n wild to open their doors to new markets, the online market, where in just a few short months they have proven to be very successful.

Their success is the result of using strong imagery, modern fonts and styles, a quick and easy checkout process and the marketing efforts using social media and tutorials to engage with new and old users.

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