Bright Ecommerce Redesign for a Fantasy Hair Color Company

Splat Ecommerce Redesign & Development


Splat has been bringing fantasy hair color dreams to life for women for over 27 years. As the #1 fantasy hair color company in mass, their vibrant and edgy dyes are a staple for those looking to have some fun with their hair.


  • Horizon Bronze Winner AwardHorizon Interactive AwardsBronze in Websites - E-commerce / Shopping

An old and boring website made Splat look out
of tune with their young, trendy, and hip audience.

Splat Discovery image
Splat Main UX Image
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Splat test and launch image

Fresh, on-trend design techniques were needed
to excite and connect with the young target audience.


Using our adept UX strategy, design, and development skills, we were able to take an online presence that was bland and blah and change it into vibrant and vivacious. With an ecommerce site that embodies the boldness and energy of their audience, Splat can now own their position as the leading fantasy hair color online.

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