A Mobile First Approach For A Short Term Financial Lending Agency

Spotloan Website Redesign


As a leader in short term individual lending, Spotloan is known for making people feel safe and comfortable in financially unsavory situations. Whether it is because of layoffs, emergency room visits, or otherwise, it is all too common for individuals to experience financial distress, and when it does happen, Spotloan is there to help.

That said, Spotloan’s old website didn’t have the look and feel of a company designed to be a safety net in times of uncertainty. Partnering with us at SPINX, we worked together to give their website the warmth and comfort to match the security Spotloan provides for their clients.


  • Horizon Silver Award WinnerHorizon Interactive AwardsSilver in Websites - Bank / Finance

After analyzing Spotloan’s analytics we
determined that most of their users come
from mobile devices so we knew a
mobile first approach would be the right
place to start.

Spotloan Discovery Image
Spotloan UX Startegy Image
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Spotloan Webdesign Casestudy Launch Image

With a mobile first approach, we effectively
assessed what content was most important
and served this content first in order to
build trust and increase conversions.


Starting with a mobile first approach isn’t right for every project, but with the analytics Spotloan provided, it was the right approach for this project. By prioritizing content and serving it in a digestible way, we were able to keep users engaged. In addition, the TrustPilot plugin reinforced the well crafted and intentionally placed content, leading to a high level of client trust and conversion.

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