Heuristic Approach to Algorithmic Digital Currency Trading

TraderPlan Website Design & Development


Since Bitcoin's initial release in 2009, digital currencies have piqued the interest of investors spanning from tech enthusiasts to institutional investors, however not all investors have the time or knowledge to track prices and conduct trades. TraderPlan developed a new and incredibly innovative way to allow traders of any skill level to be able to automate trades based on parameters they set and control, however they didn't have a website or any way to visually convey their offerings. All of their sales, marketing, and communication with prospective users was through Discord, a contemporary version of an online chat room.

Focusing on the lifestyle digital currency investments can offer investors, we designed and developed TraderPlan's marketing website. Complete with easy to follow video tutorials, quick answer FAQs, and an affiliate portal, this website is made for the millennial generation TraderPlan is targeting.

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