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Reaching the right audience means knowing who they are, where they go, and how they behave and respond to online triggers. Rather than using a shotgun approach, we go laser precise. Our user research reveals critical facts that are the foundation of successful design, development and marketing.

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User research methods

There are a myriad of user research methods -- some of the most popular include:

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    User interviews

    We don’t make assumptions – we get real world facts from the people who matter – your customers. Unbiased interviews provide insight into what users really want, need and expect.

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    Surveys & questionnaires

    Need answers? You must ask the right questions of the right audience – the audience in your target market. Survey and questionnaire data is invaluable, and our team works to assist you to develop surveys and questionnaires that get down to the heart of what you need to know, so we can help you create online products that communicate and engage.

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    Card sorts

    Getting users to engage in sorting “cards” can be helpful in determining site architecture for the best user experience. This methodology brings valuable insight so the site is created to meet and beat all expectations of function, usability, and performance.

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    Tree tests

    Our professional team uses data garnered from “tree tests,” giving users the ability to navigate a sample menu structure to accurately discover data about their expectations for site usability and response. We know giving them what they want – and expect – as easily as possible will significantly ramp up the numbers of conversions.

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    5-second tests

    Testing the first impression of your site or app can take just five seconds. Selected subjects are shown a proposed design, and then asked a series of questions to determine if the product will meet their expectations. The five second testing process reveals any needed tweaks to produce a higher number of conversions.

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    Usability testing

    At SPINX Digital, we employ a scientific approach that works: we engage in usability testing, in which real users engage with your site, app, or software to measure response. This testing procedure identifies issues so they can be quickly and effectively addressed to achieve greater performance.

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    A/B tests

    Testing two variations allows our team to help you find the most direct road to higher numbers of conversions. Different approaches lead to different outcomes, and we believe that A/B testing is a vital aspect in an online product that has a high-octane performance.

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    Clickstream analysis

    We want to learn the most popular user patterns of behavior so you get the most out of your digital products, whether an app, website, or landing page. Where do users go when they land? What do they search for first, and what do they want to know? We get the facts, then integrate these discoveries into our products for better user response.

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Reaping the rewards of user research

There is no better way to understand your audience and what motivates them than through skilled user research. Get the inside story on your actual audience and more with user research.

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    User experience is improved

    Improving user experience through targeted research brings about higher performance, and we don’t skimp on this aspect of development. We know that understanding your audience and their habits and behaviors is the key to success.

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    Business goals are analyzed

    You have specific goals for your enterprise, and our contribution to your success includes testing every product thoroughly to ensure we are assisting you to meet those goals – in a big way.

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    Laser-focused strategies for success are created

    Researching user behavior through various testing and interview procedures helps us understand how your audience makes decisions, and to use this data to create laser precise marketing initiatives.

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    Your audience is engaged on a new level

    A pleasing interface that functions in the manner your audience expects will increase conversions. The more they enjoy the interaction, the longer they will stay. Invite them in and make them feel welcome – and watch the numbers of loyal customers increase.

User Research IN ACTION

See how User Research played a key role in our #StayWild Ecommerce Redesign case study.

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