What Makes Flat Web Design Exotic

In web design, as in life, less is more. With technology advancing at ever increasing rates, the old design norm: flashy layouts with eye-catching buttons and images is giving way to a more minimalistic approach. This style, known as Flat Design, has taken off as the consumer audience has grown more accustomed to the world […]


2015 Web Design Predictions: Do you Know These New Best Practices?

Predicting web design trends is critical for any digital marketing professional. Some people dismiss it as a waste of time, claiming that focusing too much on others distracts from your own work. However, if you don’t know how the industry is changing, you’ll never evolve. Ignorance can hurt your hire-ability as well. There comes a […]


The Downsides of the ‘Flat’ Design Trend

Whether or not you can name it, you’ve seen it. If you’ve visited almost any website or used a PC or Mac in the past 2 years (in other words, if you’ve engaged with technology), flat design has become the prevailing look of choice. Wide images, small color contrast, and simple icons – these are […]

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Modernizing Your Website: The How and Why

The aesthetic of a company’s website can give many indicators of company attitude, professionalism, and performance to potential customers. As a strand of marketing the business, proper, modern website design is an integral tool to employ. Some of the trends below may be the ticket to looking more modern, but what other perceptions will they […]