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Redesign Your Website For Better UX

Courtesy Molly Stevens Flickr. Like everything in life, the online world is in constant flux. As technology advances, new trends catch on and old ones fall by the wayside. Websites have to change in order to keep up with user expectations, but not every change that’s instituted is an improvement. A redesign becomes necessary at some […]

What Web Developers Need to Succeed
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What Web Developers Need to Succeed

  Web developers are a misunderstood lot. Everyone knows that we need them, but unless you speak the language of code, few people really understand just how demanding their job is. For example, if you go to your developer with problems about your internet connection, then you might need to have a longer conversation about […]

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How The Right Font Can Make or Break Your Brand

Have you ever read hard-hitting news written in Comic Sans? …Yeah neither have we. If you’re not a web designer, font probably isn’t something you notice all that often. In school, many of us were taught to type essays in Times New Roman, and may have just stuck with that out of apathy. However, the […]


Typography: The Secret to a Killer Website

Websites are made to be scanned. The rate at which we digest information has become so fast that users glaze over if you introduce them to your product or service with more than a quick pitch. Obviously, great copy will motivate them through the sales funnel. But do you know the secret to getting them […]


3 Web Design Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

Every year there are new hot trends in web design. Any savvy web designer knows the benefits of responsive design, and can tell you all about how cool parallax scrolling looks. But when a design trend catches on, another trend usually has to make way. Just like skeumorphism is getting phased out in favor of flat design, […]


3 Lessons from the Best Pharmaceuticals Websites

The Web Marketing Association’s annual WebAwards for 2014 will be given out in September, and one of the categories we’re most excited about is best pharmaceutical website. Pharma has been a latecomer to the world of online marketing, as stringent regulations have made companies skittish about entering the digital world. However, the WebAwards are a great time to […]