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Want to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence? Try Ads

When it comes to advertising, not all social networks are created equal. Although Facebook still remains the most popular, all-purpose place for people to gather online, its ad platform isn’t ideal for every business. Specifically, B2Bs have a hard time getting their message heard among the noise of Buzzfeed shares and birthday messages. In fact, […]

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How to Ensure Brand Identity Consistency Across All Media

Companies strive, especially when first established, to develop a brand identity that represents the culture, ideals, and vision of the company. For potential customers to be familiar with a company’s brand to the point it is accepted as a household name, the brand’s identity must maintain consistency across all media. Consistency may be threatened when […]

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Twitter’s Redesign: What Your Business Needs to Know

This week, Twitter launched a new profile design for all its users. The 2014 redesign was rolled out in early April for verified profiles and a few tech industry insiders, but now everyone can be super cool like Michelle Obama and Channing Tatum. Twitter’s redesign is more visual than previous versions, putting it in line with […]

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9 Simple Ways to Reinforce Your Brand on Twitter

Twitter is moving fast and turning to be a terrific network in reinforcing brands. The network offers excellent opportunities to network and communicate with people over short text messages, of just 140 characters. You can see your brand booming on the platform in real-time by sharing promotional messages, engaging stories and organizing events.