[Infographic] Double up Your ROI and Target Different Audiences at the Same Time

Social media is a great tool for any company to expand its business through digital advertising.

Facebook used to be the obvious front-runner among the different social media platforms, but users are beginning to turn to platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat for their digital communication.

Utilizing Instagram and Snapchat is vital for companies hoping to remain successful in today’s competitive business environment. Digital marketing companies will tell you that both of these platforms are great ways for you to capture new audiences with the help of new and engaging content that is specially created for these platforms.


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Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram, like all social media platforms

It is most effective when certain methods and strategies are used to appeal to users and help your account stand out. There are a variety of things that you can do with your Instagram account to make it a more effective business tool.

Make sure you have a business profile

Instagram has a setting designed specifically for businesses. Users can directly contact you from your profile, making it easy and convenient to grow your customer base. You can also create ads easily and access analytics information that will provide details about the performance of your account. Change your account by going to settings and selecting “Switch to Business Profile” in the list of options. Branding companies will tell you one secret that will help your brand stand out after it has a business account. Once you have a certain number of followers on Instagram along with the blue tick by your brand name, your credibility will go up tenfolds. People will then flock to your account to get all major updates regarding your brand when they are scrolling these social media platforms.

Use popular hashtags

People use at least a handful of trending hashtags on Instagram on a consistent basis. Identify those hashtags and use them in your posts in relevant ways. If you use a popular hashtag, people can find your page when searching for the hashtag in Instagram’s Explore feature.

Plan your posts in advance

A business trying to gain followers needs consistent postings. If you go two weeks without posting on Instagram, they may forget you or consider you irrelevant. Each post needs to provide interesting or useful content, so you must be intentional about what you choose to post. Consider sitting down once a week or once a month to plan what you are going to post each day. This will save you time and increase your chances of always posting quality content.

Partner with influencers

Some people are making a name for themselves by using Instagram. They gather thousands or millions of followers and develop a dedicated audience. Find an influencer that relates to your brand and create a partnership so they will encourage their followers to use your products on their profile. It will give you access to people you would not have otherwise and people will be more likely to trust your business if it is promoted by their favorite influencer.

Use Instagram stories

Instagram has a feature that allows you to group pictures or videos together and publish them as a collection. The platform lists the stories at the top of the page so users can easily access your story. Instagram stories are great opportunities to personalize your brand by showing behind-the-scenes moments. Quality is still important, but you can post more casual content to your story because it comes in a collection and is only live for 24 hours.


Snapchat Marketing Strategy

Younger audiences primarily use Snapchat, but people of all ages, demographics, and cultures use Snapchat, which makes it a great place to expand your customer base and increase your ROI. The correct strategy can make Snapchat an essential business resource.

Keep it casual

Snapchat is a more casual platform than others, even for businesses. You need to show that your business has personality, so publish funny pictures and videos to make your company more relatable and appealing to potential customers. Snapchat is unlike other social media platforms (such as Facebook or Twitter) because every picture or video does not need to be perfect. Snapchat is about having fun, so allow yourself to be spontaneous when you post.

Use text in your videos

It may seem unimportant, but be sure to include text in your videos. A large portion of Snapchat users do not watch videos with the sound on, so if you do not have the text they may not be able to understand what is going on.

Create a Geo-filter

If you are hosting an event, design a geo-filter that people can use in their Snapchats. It will increase awareness for your brand because people in attendance will send Snapchats with your filter, alerting others about your presence. If you are unaware of how to go about creating a geo filter, you do not need to worry. All you need to do is approach a website design company that specializes in Snapchat to get this highly efficient feature for your Snapchat marketing campaign.

Be careful about how frequently you post

Do not make your Snapchat story too long. Include fun videos and pictures that shine a light on your brand, but do not clutter it with unnecessary and extensive content because people will be more likely to lose interest. Post consistently, but not too often. You want to stay at the front of your viewers’ minds without overwhelming them with too much content.

Consider using specific people for your brand promotion

Choose a few people who are relatable and interesting to be the faces of your brand on Snapchat. Viewers are more likely to engage if they recognize the people in the pictures and videos.


Instagram Marketing Advantage

Every social media platform is different. Marketing on Instagram has different benefits and advantages than marking on Twitter or Facebook.

The number of users is still growing

Some other social media platforms have become less popular over the years, but Instagram is still growing. Currently, more than 700 million people around the world use Instagram, and the number is predicted to continue growing.

Instagram brings more sales

The purpose of digital marketing is to eventually increase sales. However, many businesses struggle to convert social media followers into actual customers. Studies have shown that more than one-third of the users on Instagram have purchased something on the app. Advertisements on Instagram are also more effective in motivating users to pursue a business, with 75 percent of Instagram users visiting a company’s website after seeing an Instagram ad.

Instagram is less time-consuming

Not only does Instagram increase your ROI, it takes less time to use than other social media platforms.

It is easy to use on mobile devices

Most people use their mobile devices to access social media, and Instagram is extremely compatible with smartphones and easy to use.


Snapchat Marketing Advantage

Like Instagram, Snapchat has advantages that are specific to the app. Its unique functions and community trends provide special benefits for businesses.

Snapchat allows immediate, live coverage of events

Snapchat makes it easy to record live moments and immediately share them. You can give users a sense of your brand and keep them engaged with what your company is doing.

Snapchat gives your brand personality

Snapchat is a casual platform focused on cultivating a fun community, which can make your company more relatable. You can show users you are a group of real, genuine people.

There is less business competition on Snapchat

There are currently fewer businesses using Snapchat to promote their brands. Most companies immediately gravitate to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter over Snapchat for social media marketing. The reduced competition will help your business stand out to potential customers.


Snapchat Marketing Examples

There are countless ways businesses have used Snapchat as a marketing tool. In France, Netflix created billboards that encouraged people to use Snapchat’s face-swap feature to swap with one of the characters. Gatorade created a Snapchat feature in honor of the Super Bowl that would digitally pour Gatorade on your head. One man trying to get a job in New York City even created a geo-filter on Snapchat that encouraged the company to hire him, earning himself a job interview.


Instagram Marketing Examples

The more unique your marketing strategies are, the more likely your company will stand out. Similar to Snapchat, businesses have found creative ways to use Instagram to promote their brands. Adidas promoted its Neo brand by encouraging Instagram followers to post pictures wearing Adidas gear, inviting the most impressive users to model in a professional photo shoot. They also got Selena Gomez to participate.

Chanel invited some of the world’s top fashion bloggers to France for a free retreat, encouraging them to post about the trip on their profiles. Airbnb posts pictures and videos users have shared, making their posts more relatable and personalized.


Using Instagram and Snapchat in Your Business

Social media apps are taking over the digital sphere more every year. Instagram and Snapchat are both growing in popularity and have numerous features that give you the opportunity to promote your brand in creative ways. They can be a great way for you to break away from the normal marketing using SEO Companies and keywords, and get into a more fun and dynamic way of speaking to your audience. So what are you waiting for? Get into this exciting new world of marketing today. Contact Spinx Digital for more information about how to use social media marketing to improve your business.


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