Is AI The Terminator for Web Design & Development?

AI operates by consuming a large number of data and diagnosing them to identify the trend and use this information to make projections. AI can do wonders for many reasons, but it sometimes backfires as google doesn't consider it a ranking factor. But, as of now, it is a major challenge for everyone, and companies must consider it in detail to ensure the future.

Is AI The Terminator for Web Design & Development?


Suppose you are a startup founder in Florida, United States, and want to build a good website for your brand. Your first search would be “Best Florida Web Design Companies.”

Now amidst your research, you discovered that as a business, you can save a lot of time and money by letting AI do web design for you. Now you might be very confused about whether AI is to be trusted or whether you should hire the latest and greatest in web design. Which among AI or humans has traditionally been practicing web designing better?

Let’s try to answer the most significant concern that most people in the IT world have: Will web designing be automated, rendered obsolete, or replaced by AI? Or will it be the end of web designers as we know them? In this article, we will discuss the future and application of web design.

How does AI work?

AI is a major success nowadays, and many companies are using its help to boost their business. AI is not linked with only one programming language but includes some popularly known languages such as Python and Java.

AI operates by consuming a large number of data and diagnosing them to identify the trend and use this information to make projections. AI can do wonders for many reasons, but it sometimes backfires as google doesn’t consider it a ranking factor. But, as of now, it is a major challenge for everyone, and companies must consider it in detail to ensure the future.

What do Industry Professionals believe?

Will robots take over the planet? Elon Musk claims that AI is “our most existential threat,” but is he correct?

There are many different perspectives on the risk posed by AI. Some well-known people believe that artificial intelligence will someday take over, including the aforementioned Tesla CEO and the late celebrity physicist Stephen Hawking. On the other hand, many AI safety experts think that the direction in which research is going will result in releasing AI that is hazardous to humanity. Others contend that short-term worries about prejudice and discrimination in machines are the primary problem with AI development.

On the other hand, most computer scientists and researchers who study machine learning are skeptical that it might spiral out of control. Due to computational constraints or the impossibility of superintelligent AI achieving consciousness, they think its arrival is extremely unlikely or even impossible. However, there is one topic area on which everyone can agree that the development of AI would have a profoundly disruptive effect.

Are Web Design Jobs Safe?

Most web designers know that the employment market will be seriously threatened by AI. 61.7% of respondents thought AI would likely result in significant job losses in the web designing sector.

Additionally, 68.7% of those who think AI would lead to job losses (or 42.4% of all respondents) indicated that they “strongly agree” with the assertion. It was the only topic where an extreme opinion was more famous than the average one, and it acquired the highest score out of all the robust responses in the survey. Only 8.8% of people strongly disagree, 12.5% disagree, and 17% are neutral, demonstrating the tendency. (SOURCE: WAYBACK MACHINE)

Web designers anticipate that AI will eventually replace people in their industry since they appear to be aware of the effects that AI has already had on other sectors of the economy. Since even AI risk doubters concur that it would alter the job sector, this result was largely anticipated.

Why do Many Companies Prefer AI?

The straightforward explanation is that you may use these AI-based tools to build a website from scratch without knowing any coding or other technical skills.

Wix is a perfect example since it has a drag and drop features that make constructing websites simple. It is also user-friendly and beginner-friendly, which is why more than 200 million people use it to create websites in 190 countries.

However, web designing remains a viable profession and career path despite the introduction of several artificial intelligence tools and programs.

Let us tell you why.

Should Budding Web Designers Shift Careers?

The short and simple response is no.

Your work and career are safe because artificial intelligence cannot entirely mechanize web designing. However, before we can comprehend why web designing cannot be substituted, we must first understand why this question even needed to be asked in the first place.

Many businesses, financial institutions, and governmental agencies need web designers and ethical hackers to strengthen their websites’ security so that they do not experience cyberattacks that compromise user data. If a company suffers a cyberattack, in addition to financial loss, the company also risks losing the trust of its customers.

And especially if you are a front-end developer or web developer, web design is a career that calls for creativity, problem-solving abilities, and design skills. Requires knowledge of website design, user psychology, and the objectives of the company building the site. Web designing can and will give you a creative challenge if you love it.

Because web design requires creativity, emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills, an understanding of human psychology, and other skills and attributes that only people possess and AI cannot, artificial intelligence cannot entirely replace humans.


Although AI may advance and eventually be able to design a much better website than a website designer, AI also lacks the ability to think creatively and independently, allowing humans to develop original website designs that AI cannot. Web designing is a complex process.

We still feel that web designing as a job will flourish and grow and will not be replaced, become obsolete, or pass away in the future because of all these great reasons. So coming back to our initial conversation about your startup in Florida, United States, you should hire from the list of the best web developers in Florida for your brand’s digital queries and partner with them.

However, it’s safe to suppose that the average web designer will not fear AI, even though he probably believes that the sector as a whole has to be on guard.

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