I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.
I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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36 Award-Winning Best Website Designs to look in 2021

UX, Web Development, Website Redesign

Best Website Designs

  1. Slaveryfootprint
  2. SPINX Digital
  3. Hellomonday
  4. Aquest
  5. ETQ
  6. Woven Magazine
  7. Feed
  8. Rainforest Guardians
  9. Zillow
  10. Paper Planes
  12. Simply Chocolate
  13. crypton.trading
  14. Active-theory
  15. Koox
  16. Frans Hals Museum
  17. Nomadic Tribe
  18. 1917: In the Trenches
  19. The Octopus: A design blog by IDEO
  20. Diana Danieli
  21. George Nakashima Woodworkers
  22. Bruno-simon
  23. Matruecannabis
  24. King
  25. Alanmenken Website Design
  26. Elias Akentour Portfolio
  27. Torgerson Design Partners
  28. Locomotive – Swab the World
  29. Superhero Cheesecake – The Year of Greta
  30. Skyline Films
  31. RESN- i-Spy
  32. Moooi
  33. Mammut – Local Adventure
  34. Pioneer – Corn. Revolutionized.
  35. The Cool Club x FWA
  36. Blacknegative

Click the below links to jump to a group of best website designs that crushed it in the last several years:

Website design can be the determining factor in whether a user visiting the site converts to the brand. Many different elements go into good website design, but the most important are user experience, security, and visual presentation.

As you take your team into 2021 to prop up your digital presence, you may be thinking of hiring website design companies for redesigning your website. Top seo companies also consider redesigning as important aspect of ranking the existing website. If so, take a moment to check out some of the best website designs along with past winners of the Awwwards and 2021’s nominees. These sites represent the best web design in the world and offer a unique glimpse at what’s working for successful websites all over the world. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise, but these websites don’t use “just-another-theme-based” CMS platforms. They specialize in languages such as PHP to develop eye-hooking web designs and their awards shouldn’t shock you.

36 best website design 2021

The Awwwards reveal the best companies that have ticked the website redesign checklist such as creativity, seamless design, and appealing innovation across the internet, with categories ranging from the Best Articles and Interviews to Mobile Excellence and Design Their Web Design category is one of our favorites to watch. Not only does it offer up-and-coming trends, but sets up benchmarks for website redesign services and website maintenance services. The best web design and digital marketing companies use similar benchmarks to disrupt the status quo. If you as a web design agency wish to see your company crack the status quo, it’s best to stick to these correlational benchmarks or even surpass them. As you prepare your 2021 strategy and think about the changes you would like to make to your own brand’s website, see if you can draw inspiration from our website designs list along with Awwwards’ past winners and current nominees. Hiring top creative agencies for you is all the more reason why you need to go through each design diligently. Why? Because that’s how you choose the most relevant agency for your niche.

Best Website Designs from 2011 – 2014

Best Website Designs of 2011: Slaveryfootprint

Slavery Footprint Website Design

Featured by Awwwards

Born on September 22, 2011, Slavery Footprint is a non-profit organization that works to engage individuals, groups, and businesses to build awareness against modern-day slavery. Their website pushes accessibility, usability, and responsive design to the next level. When a visitor launches their homepage, the breaking of the chain design catches their eyes, giving a clear message of the company’s mission of freeing the modern-day slaves.

The site offers an interactive experience to members with a unique pop-up design for each of the menu. Slavery Footprint Website is a perfect example for Non-profit organizations on how to keep the members engaged and grab attention to their cause.

Best Website Designs of 2012: Blacknegative

Blacknegative Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

With the ‘Dark Mode’ design trending in 2021, Black Negative is a website that stands out with its smart use of dark background paired with subtle colours, call-to-action buttons – offering the visitor a smooth visual experience.

Visiting Black Negative’s website is a unique experience because of its fascinating design, excellent use of fonts, creative navigation, high-resolution photographs, fantastic video quality, and focus on small details. The technical skill displayed by the designers using rich multimedia content, harmonious flow, and background music site-wide is merely remarkable.

Best Website Designs of 2013: Hellomonday

Hello Monday Website DesignFeatured by FWA

Called Hello Monday to make Mondays better – the company is a creative studio that makes digital ideas, experiences, brands, and products come alive. Their creativity is well reflected in their website that offers unique digital experiences, tickles the brain, and pleases the eye.

Not only is Hello Monday an exciting concept, but it is also a stunning execution and display of services and insights with a creative blend of animation and visual effects on pixel-rich graphics – overall, the site immerses the user into a very engaging experience. As an atypical site, it contains bold use of fonts, easy user navigation, and several unique usability elements.

Best Website Designs of 2014: Aquest

Aquest Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

The website of AQuest is an implausible example of incredible imagery, story-telling, creative use of multimedia and animation, visual design, and, most of all, sound engineering. They have also harnessed the benefits of infographics for their website. There is a lot to be said about the typography, and cursor hover effects and smart use of motion in this project.

The designers have spent a lot of time on interaction and rollovers on the website. Mirroring their outstanding work in Website, Social, Films, 3D, Labs, AQuest’s dark background theme with a combination of excellent visual effects brings a unique motion style to the website. The feeling of creativity can be perceived in every corner of this production and technology company website.

Best Website Designs from 2015

Best Website Design of 2015: ETQ

ETQ Amsterdam Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

ETQ is one of the premium footwear brands in Europe’s main capitals. They have created a niche for themselves in the market with their different approach to footwear and signature style shoes. Their website reflects luxury and premium designs with a minimalistic approach to create an optimal shopping experience for customers.

The site is stripped down with big compelling visuals, flat color backgrounds, strong typography, and high-definition images of the products to keep the users’ focus on precisely what they came there to see, i.e., shoes. The site falls in line with the current website design trends, gripping product images, and a slew of subtle details that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Best Website Design of 2015: Woven Magazine

Woven magazine Website DesignFeatured by Best Website Gallery

A good website design has become increasingly important, especially in the world of media and publishing. And Woven Magazine’s website aesthetically appeals to readers with an exciting concept and stunning execution. What captures the viewers are the large images, video thumbnails, and articles that dominate the page, capturing the attention to what matters the most to the company, i.e., information.

The online publication creates a clean design, clean typography, easy-to-read content, and engaging website, free of any distractions like ads or pop-ups, giving the readers the experience of the content itself. With simple maneuvering and continuity throughout, the site’s makers and thinkers celebrate artists and artisans with their stories of fear and triumph, attitude and spirit, risk, and return.

Best Website Designs of 2015: Feed

Feed Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

Feed offers visitors a truly unique and immersive experience. From the moment users click to the Feed Music website, a creative combination of video content and animation creates an incredibly engaging experience.

This site is a perfect example of how to create immersive experiences with multimedia. No matter what type of organization you run, video and animation can be perfect assets for engaging users directly and grabbing their attention as soon as they arrive on your homepage.

Best Website Designs from 2016

Best Website Design of 2016: Rainforest.arkivert

rainforest.arkivert Website DesignFeatured by The Webby Awards

One of the most immersive non-profit websites of 2016, Rainforest Guardian uses WebGL, immersive 360-panoramic images, unique stories and videos, and diverse content. You can get to know all about the Yanomami tribe of the Amazon, including the villages, natives, and waterways with a 3D effect.

The website creates a fantastic user experience with incredible imagery, storytelling, visual designs, and, most of all, an interactive way to get people to connect with their social cause and convert into volunteers to protect nature. The smooth transitions, navigation mechanics, and stunning mountains in 3D capture users’ attention precisely.

Best Website Design of 2016: Zillow

Zillow Website DesignFeatured by The Webby Awards

Zillow is one of the leading real estate and rental marketplace, providing users with data, inspiration, knowledge, and all the professional help they could get to find the perfect home of their dream. The website was rated high in 2016 for its aesthetically appealing, feature-rich, functional development.

The minimalistic approach, flat color, and illustrations of home pushed usability, accessibility, and seamless navigation on the website and catered the right information with full details to the right audience. The site serves as a real example of properly executing maps with grid structure while still maintaining excellent visual designs.

Best Website Designs of 2016: Paper Planes

Paper Planes Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

With an invitation to use your mobile device in the right corner, a world spinning front and centre, and paper airplanes flying throughout, this website by Active Theory in the U.S. accomplishes a lot by investing in a simple concept – the power of the web and an Android device creates instant connections and is as easy as tossing a paper plane. As the planes seem to come closer and then further around the world, users organically feel like they are part of the story – a clever trick for any website.

Best Website Designs from 2017

Best Website Design of 2017: NOWNESS

Nowness Website DesignFeatured by The Webby Awards

One of the coolest crowdsourced video blogs, Nowness, is an award-winning website that creates the finest interactive and unforgettable user experiences. Most of the website’s content comes from independent creatives, which is, by far, one of the most popular ways for publishing more related content.

When combined with big thumbnails and subtle typography, the video format creates a matchless website with a gallery of captivating content that breathes innovation, stories that every brand wants to tell, and creative approaches. Thus, just like the name, Nowness is all about a movement for innovative excellence and telling compelling stories in the very moment while celebrating the extraordinary of every day.

Best Website Designs of 2017: Simply Chocolate

Simply Chocolate Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

Denmark chocolate maker Simply Chocolate created this website with specific pages for every chocolate bar. One of the most delightful visual aspects of this site is the way all the products display consistency in branding as you scroll from one to the next. Every chocolate bar seems to pop off the screen, tempting you to reach out and grab it.

Simply Chocolate manages to create an engaging and immersive experience with a relatively minimalist design concept that encourages the user to explore and continue engaging with the site.

Best Website Designs from 2018

Best Website Design of 2018: Crypton.trading

Evrone Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

A top-notch website that skillfully brings animation and AI experience to life with spectacular use of CSS and JavaScript. Cryptontrading demonstrates how to present cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin using modern solutions like artificial intelligence. The website helps understand changes in currency’s values as well as identify essential buying and selling opportunities.

With its exciting concept and stunning execution, the website challenges our understanding of what is possible with AI on the web. As the visitor scrolls down, the site immerses the users into a very personal and engaging experience with Crypton’s greeting appearing on the home page, “Hello, I am Crypton,” one letter at a time.

Best Website Design of 2018: Active-theory

Active theory Website DesignFeatured by The Webby Awards

Active Theory takes a bold approach with animation to display their portfolio, leveraging a dynamic website, water-effect animation, typography, and high-quality images. Their site serves as a real excellent example of portraying their portfolio differently with brilliant navigation mechanics and visuals mixed with animation.

Even if you are not AR and VR fan, the website’s innovative use of graphics and animation can explain a complicated visual experience that is hard to ignore. Their meticulously crafted and experienced team of in-house designers and developers have award-winning performance and attention to details and are excellent to work with.

Best Website Designs of 2018: Koox

Koox Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

Koox is the first Take Away, based in Central London, in partnership with top chefs of the city. Their website is one of the best designs of 2018 in the field of development and digital experiences. The unique watercolor-theme, continuous scroll, and animation of vegetable illustrations, and smooth transition between different sections of the page, make the website outstanding.

The designers have worked hard on beautiful illustrations that animate perfectly that enhance the design interface of the website, making it clean, aesthetically, and visually appealing. The captivating website will surely make the visitor order food they have to offer from the top chefs of London.

Best Website Designs of 2018: the Frans Hals Museum

Frans Hals Museum Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

The 2018 Site of the Year Awwwards winner from the Netherlands uses a combination of exhibit photography and digital design elements. This carefully crafted mixture guides visitors to the site through the experience they’ll have during a visit to the museum in person. This is a great combination of information and immersion that also effectively promotes the museum’s Instagram account seamlessly through the homepage.

Best Website Designs from 2019

Best Website Designs of 2019: Nomadic Tribe

Nomadic Tribe Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

Another best website design of 2019, Nomadic Tribe, is one of the most prominent examples of illustration, interaction, animated storytelling experience with four chapters and a brilliant soundtrack. The meticulously crafted website is an immersive experience for the users to remember. The website is a poetic journey that uses 3D graphics and visual codes to tell a compelling story and rules the comic book world.

Maintaining the usability, Nomadic Tribe created an out-of-the-box navigation experience and did an exceptional job with beautiful animated transitions that made it the site of the year. Don’t miss to keep the sound on while going through the website.

Best Website Designs of 2019: 1917: In the Trenches

1917 In the Trenches Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

With one of the best war films of all time, Into the trenches|1917 website is also one of the best immersive 360-degree AR websites. Featuring the trenches and chapters from the film, movie buffs can walk around and explore the sets to full-scale within the comfort of their home. Step up into the tracks, watch filmmakers bring the Oscar-winning film to the big screen, and learn the movie’s secrets in 3D.

Immersive yourself into the exclusive behind-the-scene sites and explore the mile-long trenches in full-scale Web AR. The site has won several awards, worldwide praise, and pick-up from the press. The users can check out the detailed environment of the war on a real scale combined with a wide variety and in-depth content, resulting in an incredible dwell time of over 3.5 minutes.

Best Website Designs of 2019: The Octopus: A design blog by IDEO

The Octopus Website DesignFeatured by The Webby Awards

IDEO is one of the leading global design companies committed to creating human-centered designs and positive impact through their work. The Octopus Blog is a testament to their incredible work that has won the Best Business Blog/Website 2019 Webby award. The blog website is designed with a black-and-white theme and different Octopus drawing as its homepage design creates a cohesive theme as you scroll.

With a tint of yellow highlighted in the blog titles and the images pulled towards you, the exciting website features make the audience enjoy scrolling, reading through the stories, and a unique user experience.

Best Website Designs of 2019: Diana Danieli

Diana Danieli Website Design

Diana Danieli is an interior design, construction, and furniture manufacturing brand that helps clients make their dream of an ideal home with exclusive interiors come true. The 2019 Webby Award winner for the best website design – their site displays a black-and-white theme with beautiful imagery of art and architecture with prime distinction and heavy exposure.

Their cursor cascading effect on the website is fantastic, engaging visitors to browse through the variations and photographs. Every picture on the website exhibits the creativity and extensive labor of the artist who owns the website. An excellent new effect in the website is that it has soothing audio and piano music incorporated which immerses the visitors.

Best Website Designs of 2019: George Nakashima Woodworkers

George Nakashima Woodworkers Website DesignFeatured by The Webby Awards

George Nakashima – was a Japanese-American woodworker turned architect who emphasized nature care. The website represents his beautiful work which is legendary for its use of natural forms of the tree. The website is essentially a slideshow of his one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, philosophy, and beautiful forestry and farming images.

His profound quotes of nature, trees, or wood mixed up with the website’s light yet elegant theme make it relaxing for the visitors and show that George Nakashima Woodworker’s work is incredible. He recognizes the beauty of trees and the environment. As a result, the website has won Webby 2019 Honouring the Best of the Internet award.

Best Website Designs of 2019: Bruno-simon

Bruno Simon Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

Bringing you the most creative and interactive website online right now – Bruno Simon! The quirky animation and 3D virtual art on Bruno Simon’s homepage draw the user’s attention immediately on arrival. The site won the Best Website Designs of 2019 award for its awesome playful 3D WebGL art effects.

The website is a portfolio of Bruno Simon – a freelance creative developer in Paris. It revolves around a simple car game with a bird’s eye view and is a combination of physics concepts, 3D visual art, standard technologies, and profound attention to details. The website is an excellent example of how a portfolio site can go above and beyond with interactivity and walk around with exciting gaming experience.

Best Website Designs of 2019: Matruecannabis

Matruecannabis Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

The MA True Cannabis website is one of the best examples for companies in the Retail industry looking to revamp their website. Born from the desire to create a true emotional journey – the site offers unique designs mirroring the unique characteristics of their products and guide users through the Four Worlds.

The orange-themed website has a youthful experience that produces a warm and friendly effect for the visitors. A perfect combination of creativity and 3D visuals, animated floating elements, overall, the website offers a strong user engagement, and eCommerce functionalities merge into a seamless experience.

Best Graphical Website Design: king

King Website Design

King is not your ordinary graphical website. They are the leading interactive entertainment company with more than 200 games in their kitty, including the top-rated ‘Candy Crush’ game. Won the best graphical website design award – their website is not just about colours, or icons, or images, it is more about the mascots they have built, the story behind, and how users are connected deeply with each game.

The illustrations, motion graphics, audio/ video, variety of colours, when you scroll down the page, the website is an experience in itself all remaining consistent to the brand. The three-dimensional appearance of each character makes the scrolling fun and smart use of different ‘call-to-action’ buttons make the site visit worthwhile.

Top Animated Website Designs: Alanmenken

Alan Menken Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

Legendary composer – Alan Menken has created some of the most beloved Disney songs capturing the imagination of audiences for over 35 years. His website reflects his musical and poetic love and is one of the most incredible portfolio websites of this time.

A compilation of all his famous work along with an exciting biography of the legend, the website weaves a compelling story along with interactive user navigation. The compositions of his famous songs come alive through a clean, minimalist interface and use of large grids that encourage visitors to revisit their childhood memories and listen to the songs once again.

Best Website Designs of 2020

Website Designs Nominee 2020: Elias Akentour Portfolio

Elias Akentour Portfolio Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

This French artist’s website is an engaging blend of still photography, video content, and bold use of black and white to guide users through an incredible array of works. Elias Akentour is a French art director with more than seven years of experience with hands-on work in branding, design, and advertising with special focus on new technologies and luxury markets. As soon as you click to the site, you’ll notice an unmistakably upscale vibe; the quick introduction blends seamlessly into the meat of the site and offers easy navigation through the rest of the site’s content, including a gallery, portfolio, and contact information for Elias.

The intriguing animations throughout the website encourage you to explore and learn more about Elias and his work.

Best Website Designs Nominee 2020: Torgerson Design Partners

Torgerson Design Partners Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

Ozark, Missouri based Torgerson Design Partners is a full-service architecture firm with a stunning website. Every section of the site includes familiar features with micro-animations instead of the typical static icons you’re used to seeing on other sites. The clean and minimalist design guides users downward through information about the company, their design philosophy, a gallery of past projects with quick views of their details as you hover over each one.

Top Site of the Day Website Designs 2020: Locomotive – Swab the World

Locomotive – Swab the World Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

This website is working to increase awareness of stem cell donation and hoping to diversify the global bank. Every piece of the site draws the eye in – from the unique colour combination of umber and teal to the movement to the right of the eye. The moving balls located in just that area force the user to see the site in fullness, boosting visual interest seamlessly.

Best Web Design Nominee 2020: Superhero Cheesecake – The Year of Greta

Superhero Cheesecake – The Year of Greta Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

When you have a figure as powerful and recognizable as Greta Thunberg, your best option is to use that image in your website campaign. That’s exactly what Superhero Cheesecake has done with “The Year of Greta” from the Netherlands. A passion project with an illustrated timeline of Thunberg’s rise from kid campaigner to global icon.

Best Mobile Excellence Web Design 2020: Skyline Films

Skyline Films Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

Regardless of your industry, if your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re a few years behind. This is especially true for the film industry, where technology and imagination are expectations of any digital campaign. The UK’s Skyline Films has worked their magic in marketing for the film series, Sherlock Holmes. When working with period pieces, it can be difficult to balance the beauty of the era with the magic of technology, but this mobile site goes beyond what most users expect. Victorian images in sepia tones seem to contract with the speed and intuitiveness of the sit, but that contradiction is what makes it work.

Best Website Designs of the Day 2020: RESN – i-Spy

RESN – i-Spy Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

A digital take on the I-Spy books beloved by children the world over, this New Zealand campaign for the children’s destination, Hei-Hei, is both imaginative and informative. It captures both the spirit of the place while being a fun, game-like entrance into the world of the park. Sites that can make the digital world come alive for children are rare, and this one does it in such a way that adults will want to be involved, too.

Other Cool Website Designs

Best Website Designs Nominee 2020: Moooi

Moooi Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

Moooi is one of the legendary brands inspiring the world with its breath-taking and innovative interior designs. Like their original, rebellious, and sophisticated techniques, their website is unique, conveying something extra in terms of beauty and uniqueness with stunning pictures. In addition, the website is an unexpected and immersive showcase of their well-curated mix of lighting, furniture, accessories, and other eclectic stuff that outlast everyday interiors.

By an artistic mix of animation and video, the website engages visitors with a sense of exquisiteness and delivers the extra touch of creativity. The positioning of the images and blossoms and other effects immerses the person in an enticing experience. As the nominee of one the finest websites, Moooi, pushes the accessibility and responsiveness ahead to another level.

Best Website Designs Nominee 2020: Mammut – Local Adventure

Mammut Local Adventure Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

Has lockdown put a limit on your travel? Well, with the situation getting a little relaxed, let the adventure begin with Mammut! Explore your surroundings, share your experience with the community, and win exciting prizes. With mountains calling you to step out during the lockdown, the Mammut is a local adventure challenge community website that encourages you to go out and explore your local outdoors, click quality imagery, and submit photos to win gear.

The Landing Page and the outdoor images through the website are beautiful, with a cool touch of a mammoth logo walk/animation as you scroll. The website is incredibly designed with sturdy consideration to each element that may challenge the visitors to go outdoors and tell a compelling story through pictures.

Best Website Designs Nominee 2020: Pioneer – Corn. Revolutionized.

Pioneer Corn Revolutionized Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

Go. Pioneer website, daring and contrast colors, a beautiful amalgamation of science and real-time 3D assets and animation, shape the design and experience of the site. The organization beautifully captures behind the scene processes and cutting-edge science of pioneer corn through its website. In addition, it brings awareness to the corn seed development right from lab to field and how it will change the concept of farming.

From a technical and scientific perspective, the design makes moving down the page feel rhythmic and natural, ensuring the readers read each bold and big caption with copy and click through every CTA on the homepage. In addition, the website gives a more transparent view of each process and performance by the team for easy understanding.

Best Website Design of the Day: The Cool Club x FWA

The Cool Club x FWA Website DesignFeatured by Awwwards

FWA collaborated with The Cool Club to let the visitors explore the history of 54 of the coolest websites and digital projects at one place as featured in ‘Web Design, The Evolution of the Digital World 1990-today’. In addition, the website has of its kind limited edition deck of cards display allowing users to play with the cards and see video examples of the actual work each card represents.

The team’s interactive design and out-of-the-box thinking tell the story of the respective video and website when clicked on each card. The website is visually appealing and functional, the brainchild of the coolest minds globally, making creative things, websites, or products for the newest citizens of our time. So, are you ready to play the game?

Best SEO-Friendly Website Design: SPINX Digital

SPINX Digital Website Design

This Los Angeles-based website design and digital marketing company have won one of the Best SEO-friendly Website Design award for its well-strategized content placement, keyword use, and templates. SPINX Digital did an exceptional job of making a visually appealing and progressive website highlighting their services in a simple and easy-to-digest way.

Their team has worked a lot on designing a great SEO web architecture based on keywords research and have strived to make their website responsive. Simple, flat, colour-based backgrounds accompanied by light-loading times, strong typography, informative content, and pixel-rich graphics helped them to keep the focus on exactly what the user came there to see: Services.

There you have it – A list of some of the most creative websites on the internet today. You can leverage to create a visually appealing, relevant, and innovative website for your company and stand out in the industry.

Balance Web Design With Powerful Messaging

These sites represent some of the most forward-thinking yet functional and intuitive web design options gaining popularity in 2021. It’s always a good idea to try and glean inspiration from as many sources as possible when you’re looking for ways to revolutionize your own website. These sites are just a few to continue watching in 2021 and are perfect examples of blending clever business and tasteful aesthetic design. If you’re trying to strike out in a new direction with a bold new website design concept, take a moment to look through our best website designs list along with Awwwards’ past winners and current nominees for inspiration.

Website Design Ideas

In early 2020, the world flipped upside down with the widespread corona pandemic. Businesses, be it in any industry vertical, was forced to pivot and adapt new remote working methodologies. In addition, remote work culture changed the way companies communicated with their customers and acquired new business.

With the world drastically switching to a new mode of businesses ‘Online Business websites have business crucial for the existence and compete in the tight-knit market. To help you crush the competition and accentuate your business, we bring you website design ideas to push your status quo on the web.

Be its usability, content, ideas to increase traffic, interactivity, responsiveness, sound design, or value. Of course, your website has to be a masterpiece in your respective industry to make you stand out. Below pointers, when combined with diligence, time, patience, and a great deal of inspiration, will help you get the website.

● Be Interactive
Your website is the face of your organization, do not make it boring make it interactive.

Interactive websites increase user engagement leading to enhanced experience. It helps leading visitors to the information that they are searching for. With numerous ways to interact with users, designers can pick what is best for their design. Design your page to have animations that can tell your story. Incorporate tools like social media buttons, Google maps, and calculators. These tools help the visitor in performing the desired action. Engage with visitors by conducting polls, quizzes and asking for feedback or ratings. Last but not least, don’t forget to consider UX tools to bring your ideas into reality and apply design principles to represent the strategies.

● Mobile Experience
Consumers have been consistently increasing the use of mobile devices for their daily needs. A great experience on mobile devices is the start of the user experience journey. A user should be able to perform all the actions on the mobile device that a desktop website offers. A few elements like faster loading times, intuitive and easy navigation, search options, and calm colors will help in enhancing the mobile user experience.

● Visual Elements
Brands are not created but built on trust, beliefs, and vision. Knowing your story is a part of building your brand awareness. Visitors want to know your journey and the story that separates you above from the crowd. And using visual elements is an excellent way of telling a story. Web designers are using photographs, videos, audio, and text to create an engaging brand. It helps consumers to relate with brands, fostering long-term relationships with your users.

● Use Photographs
Interactive websites are great, but they are not built in a day or on a shoestring budget. It’s understood that not every business has an expensive budget or luxurious timelines for creating websites, but that should not stop companies from creating awesome websites. Designers are using stunning photographs to engage users. Make sure to use relevant, high-quality images. Rescale and optimize them for your use. If used the right image, it can be worth a thousand words.

● Pay attention to Call-To-Actions
CTA or call-to-action buttons help users perform an intended action. Like subscribe to a newsletter, buy a product, fill a form, or read more. CTA is a vital button that encourages the visitor to take action making it imperative to handle CTA with care. Make sure it is visible, correctly placed, and does what it says. It takes effort to design an efficient CTA, and it is worth it.

● Easy Navigation
There has been a study that shows 94% of users expect the website to be easily navigated. When building a new website or restoring a current site, designers should keep navigation their top priority. Navigation toolbars and menus should be kept simple, visible, and have accurate names, to create an intuitive experience. In the end, make sure there are not many navigation links that will confuse the consumer with what to click and where to go.

● Social Media
It is inevitable to have a social media plan in your growth strategy. Integrating social media into your website should be treated as a logical step and not an optional activity. Social media helps increase brand influence and awareness. It also improves engagement with your business and helps shape a better presence on social media. Social media also helps gain insights into consumer behavior and their needs, which in turn can help your conversions or sales.

Frequently Ask Question

1] What type of websites would attract the most visitors?

The internet has a wide variety of websites under broad categories trying to accomplish different things. In addition, visitors have over 2 billion websites with other content out there to discover. If you start from square one or try to revamp your website or build your website, it can be intimidating to pick the correct type of website design and category.

Here is the rundown on 8 of the most popular types of websites on the web that will give you inspiration on which website to make:

1) eCommerce Website
If you are into a services or products company, an eCommerce website is one of the most popular websites. It allows you to sell items directly to the customers instead of monetizing content or generating business via ads or content. It is a platform to buy and sell goods with payment integration and a shopping cart, precisely like your brick and mortar store just over the internet.

2) Personal Blog/Vlog
Are you into sharing stories or poetry via content? Or are you an influencer or a celebrity? You would probably need a personal blog website! On-trend, these days, these types of websites are handled by a single person with a focus on a specific niche. You can create a personal blog for anything related to travel, beauty, fashion, food, parenting, self-improvement, health and wellness, and more. You can start a personal blog pretty much on anything and use it as your diary to share your thoughts with the mass.

3) Business Website
If you own a business, you probably need a website to promote it. With people moving to the internet for everything, having a business website is very crucial in the digital age. If you are not on the internet today, you could lose critical business to your competitors, as there are high chances they already have one website.

4) Brochure/Catalogue Website
A more straightforward business website, brochure/catalog website helps visitors view your products easily but with less information. But if you have the budget, you should always opt for a traditional business website that is more robust and SEO friendly. But if the online website is not a significant driver for your business and you need an online presence, this website can be beneficial.

5) Portfolio Website
Next on the list is the portfolio website used to showcase your creations, products, or services virtually in the same way as a physical portfolio. This can help your customers go through your work, understand your talent or abilities, or can also improve your chances of securing a job if the website is your portfolio. A must-have for freelancers or creative persons looking for work. Do you choreograph dance? Upload your dance reels or video choreography samples.

6) Entertainment/News Website
Are you looking for some websites to pass the time during a lockdown? Well, you might undoubtedly have come across several entertainment/news/media websites everywhere across the web. Blurred by minor difference – Media/News websites have detailed stories/news covering current events. In contrast, entertainment websites cover gossips, humor, fun pieces, quizzes, and other content which can spark your interest or giggle.

7) Non-profit NGO Website
As the name suggests, these websites are popular for Non-profit/NGO organizations. Websites can help them reach the masses and put their objective in front of them transparently. This is also the best way to find funding, build support, spread awareness, devote to the cause, and carry out the mission successfully. Empower, Educate, Enrich your audience with a motivational website and its content.

8) Video Streaming/ Photo Sharing Website
Last on our list is the widely popular video streaming or photo-sharing websites like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and more. With a recent surge in these types of websites over the last decade, you can quickly gain so much traffic, bandwidth streaming, and broad reach with each back-end maintenance.

2] What are the current trends in the best website designs?

The only thing that is constant in these unprecedented times is having a business with remote workface culture. To keep this business running, you need a functional and interactive website that can get you more traffic and good business. And for a good website, you need to follow the upcoming website design trends. Here we have listed top 6 trends for you to follow for a great website.

1) Voice Search
Consumers are consistently user voice search rather than typing in the queries. With the growing popularity of voice search make sure your website has naturally flowing keywords. Voice search fetches featured snippets. To optimizing feature snippets make sure to have a summary of the web page in it.

2) Dark Mode
Designers have started including a dark mode options. Dark Mode has several benefits to its name. It not only saves battery but also causes less strain to the eyes as compared to brighter screens. Dark mode is used in both mobile apps and desktop websites. It also adds a stylish touch to the web design.

3) Use of Bots
According to a study over 50% of users have interacted with chatbots. These are becoming an integral part of websites. The use of bots is not new but chatbots technology is growing by leaps and bounds. Their functionality is improving and so is its application. Chatbots have moved on from simple Q&A bots to conversational chatbots.

4) Abstract Shapes
Abstract shapes are simple lines, squares, and circles. When used on a vast web canvas it can create stunning web designs. Web designers have started using abstract shapes as an alternative to traditional photography or images. Couple up abstract shapes with vibrant colors and the result can be mesmerizing.

5) Parallax Scrolling
Multiple elements on the webpage that move at varying speeds and create an illusion of depth is called as Parallax scrolling animation. The difference in background and foreground elements does the trick. These web animations are complex, but they create an immersive and surreal user experience. Designers can use the parallax effect to create focus on vital website elements.

6) Calm Colors
Traditional colors and bright screens cause eye strain as consumers use devices for longer times. To move away from monotonous dark and white modes, designers are using softer color palettes. Soft colors not only create a calm effect but also helps user focus on the website and enhance their interaction with the website.



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