I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.
I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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Redefining Gaming – Gaming in the Web 3.0

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Redefining Gaming
Digital gaming has been in existence since a while and the advent of web 1.0 and web 2.0 has only accelerated the growth of the industry, making gaming one of the most profitable businesses in the entertainment industry.

The constant craze to purchase the latest model of PS, and Xbox are proof that people still are fascinated with gaming and want to be a part of every new change that the industry stands to offer. Online gaming has also helped expedite the gaming industry, thus establishing community-based online gaming.

To help you understand the introduction of gaming in the Metaverse, let us first understand how audience psychology and the growth in technology have created a space for these games to transition in the Web 3.0

– Gaming Today
– Gaming in the Metaverse
– Games to explore in the Metaverse
– Farmers World
– Fortnite
– Second Life

Gaming Today

Today, we are open to immense gaming possibilities and can engage in friendly games with people from across the globe.

Social media has opened new avenues for brands to engage with their online community through interactive games on the apps. For instance, many brands leverage Instagram filters to create games for their audiences to participate in, thus building a higher reach. Another great example is the success PokemonGo, the AR [Augmented Reality] based game making it a huge trend. Augmented Reality allowed mobile devices to create virtual pokemons, creating an experience of finding pokemons while moving in the physical world.

During the pandemic, online gaming industry was growing, with more and more users frequently visiting gaming sites and apps, to stay virtually connected with their loved ones. Gaming had become a key element that virtually brought family and friends closer.

In 2021, Cadbury had built its Easter Campaign focusing on a Virtual Egg Hunt. The users had to purchase a Cadbury egg and could hide it on the virtual map with clues, for their loved ones. The seeker used those clues to find their egg. Cadbury then delivered the real egg to the seeker. It was a fun way to bring people together virtually and the audience participation in the campaign showed their interest towards AR gaming. The success of the campaign has opened the possibility of brands to use AR further in their campaigns.

Gaming In the Metaverse

For an industry that is constantly updating with newer technologies, what will it look like in The Metaverse? The Web 3.0 allows gaming companies to create immersive gaming experiences with new and improved technologies.

Developments in Augmented Reality [AR], Virtual Reality [VR], Artificial Intelligence [AI], Blockchain, and 5G will enable gamers to explore a whole new form of digital gaming.

The users create their Avatars in the Metaverse, which represent the users in the virtual worlds of the Metaverse. These avatars will also be used during gaming experiences, allowing the gamer to completely experience gaming in the Metaverse, through the avatar.

Games in the Metaverse

Although the Metaverse is in the nascent stages, many companies have already started developing immersive gaming experiences in this new digital reality, and here are a few interesting picks:

1. Farmers World

Farmers World
As the name suggests, this game makes you experience the world of farmers, through virtual experiences. You can buy land, use it to grow crops, care for livestock, and exchange harvest with other players in that world. What is more interesting is that every commodity in your land is an NFT [Non-Fungible Token].

Released in 2021, Farmer’s World is a play to earn blockchain game that allows you to completely explore the life of a farmer, as a virtual farmer.

2. Fortnite

Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite has grown to be one of the most frequently played virtual games.

This game allows users to battle together in order to be the ultimate survivor in the game. Although this game has been in existence since a while, it is exciting to imagine the digital transition that the game will go through to create a robust gaming experience for the users. With the introduction of the Metaverse, Fortnite has focused not only on gaming but also on experiences for the users, by hosting concerts in the virtual space. Celebrities like Travis Scott, Marshmello, and Ariana Grande have also participated in Fortnite.

First released in 2017, this game has gained immense popularity over time and today Fortnite has over 350 million users.

3. Second Life

Second Life
This play to earn digital game has been in existence for a few years, offering the users to explore the opportunity to live a Second Life in this virtual world. Here you can create your avatar, interact with other players and live life as you want to, in the virtual environment. This game possesses a lot of potentials to attract more users as the Metaverse develops further, as it focuses on living another live in the digitally created world.

The interesting feature is the Virtual Marketplace where users can trade their virtual items and real estate with each other. These commodities with Linden Dollars, that require real money to be purchased.

Since years, many of us have been using gaming as a recreational activity, to switch off from our daily routine and participate in the fictional activity. From board games to computer-based games, we have constantly been attracted to new forms of gaming. Now, in the era of the Web 3.0, we can only anticipate the leap in the face of gaming that the Metaverse will bring to us.

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