Make friends, not customers.

Ecommerce is such a big part of our everyday lives, it’s hard to remember what life was like before the web gave us instant access to the products we want. The volume of sales, returning visitors, and positive response are all directly related to the insight and technical skills with which the site is crafted.

Ecommerce sites, when built to meet the expectations of users, are the place consumers come back to again and again. At SPINX, nothing is left to chance -- we are true partners in the success of our ecommerce clients.

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Delight online shoppers

Consumers are sophisticated and have high expectations. Meet and beat those expectations with an ecommerce site that makes interaction a pleasure. Whether developing on platforms such as Magento and Shopify, or creating high performing, fully-customized sites – we do it all. Are you ready to explode your sales numbers and reap the benefits?

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    Make buying fun

    If you provide a pleasant online shopping experience, people will come back. Businesses who aim to delight their customers with their online store have been shown to have higher customer retention and benefit from word-of-mouth marketing.

    Every feature on your site must guide the user through the buying process – and make it a pleasure. Load speed, smooth directions, and graphics that make each step ultimately clear and simple will bring them back for more.

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    Go global

    With a smart ecommerce development, you can connect with buyers around the world, without the limitations of geography. Build a national or international customer base for profitability that was impossible locally.

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    Your business never sleeps

    Your enterprise is open and ready to do business 24/7/365. Your business is always open, always selling, and fully automated.

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    Goodbye, overhead costs

    Your ecommerce site is busy working, selling, and delivering -- without breaking the bank. Automated systems can keep costs low and ramp up profits.

Ecommerce IN ACTION

See how Ecommerce played a key role in our #StayWild Ecommerce Redesign case study.

wet n wild Redesign & Ecommerce Implementation

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