Designing a Fresh UX Strategy for Renowned Healthcare Consultants

GE Healthcare Partners Website Redesign


In 2015, GE Healthcare Partners and The Camden Group merged to become GE Healthcare Partners, a leading business consulting firm exclusively serving the healthcare industry. Dedicated to solving complex problems within the rapidly changing healthcare industry, the merger poised the company as the largest in the US with top-tier advisory and implementation services for healthcare.


  • Horizon Gold Winner AwardHorizon Interactive AwardsGold in Websites - Corporate & B2B
  • Indigo Design AwardIndigo Design AwardBronze in Website Design
  • Digital Excellence Communicator AwardsCommunicator AwardsThe 24th Annual Communicator Award of Excellence for Websites

Educate. Validate. Drive to contact.
Clear goals that needed a clear UX solution.

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GE Main UX Strategy
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GE Test Launch

With impressive thought leadership articles,
GE Healthcare Partners needed a way to
make these the star of their website.


Aligning the website experience with the expertise and success of GE Healthcare Partners was no easy task, but the end result was worth all the time spent strategizing, designing, and building out the new site. With a sparkly new website that now clearly marries the General Electric brand with The Camden Group's reputation, GE Healthcare Partners can let their knowledge and leadership shine.

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