Looking for top rated digital marketing agency? Here we prepared a detailed research guide to select the list of best-performing Digital marketing companies in 2021 for your digital project.

List of the Top Digital Marketing Companies

SPINX digital, the leading digital marketing agency in California, offers everything to convert your brand into BRAND.

1. Struggling with ROI?

2. Sick of poor conversion rate?

3. Tired of unsuccessful marketing campaigns?

4. Looking to nX your digital sales?

5. Want to mark social media presence?

6. Boast your position on search engines?

SPINX hubs experts for each category and ensures your business goals are met!

And if that is not enough— the agency also measures their campaign closely and improvises for the best results.

Service Focus

  • 1. Digital marketing
  • 2. Web design and development
  • 3. Mobile and tablet solutions
  • 4. Strategy & planning
  • 5. Enterprise CMS solutions

client portfolio

1. GE Healthcare Partners

2. Quinn Emanuel

3. Merle Norman


5. Lavi Industries

Client Focus

1. Midmarket ($10M – $1B)

2. Small Business (<$10M)

3. Enterprise (>$1B)

Founding year



Los Angeles, California

Employee Strength


Avg, Hourly Rate

$150 – $199/Hr

Min. Project Size

Not Disclosed

Contact Email


Contact Number

+1 213-894-9933

Social network

WebFX is one of the top digital marketing solution providers with award-winning marketers, designers, and developers.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for

1. result-oriented agency

2. real online results

3. high leads and revenues

4. full-service strategies

5. custom plan for your business goals

The company has driven over $700 million sales and 6 million leads for clients.

Service Focus

  • 1. SEO and lead generation service
  • 2. ecommerce services
  • 3. UX and content marketing services
  • 4. digital marketing services

client portfolio

1. Red Oxygen

2. Ortho Bethesda


4. Liftone


Client Focus

1. Midmarket ($10M – $1B)

2. Enterprise (>$1B)

3. Small Business (<$10M)

Founding year



United States, United Kingdom

Employee Strength

250 – 999

Avg, Hourly Rate

$100 – $149 / hr

Min. Project Size


Contact Email

Contact Number


Social network

Disruptive Advertising, a top level Digital Marketing agency from Pleasant Grove UT, is what you need to get your marketing leads raining.

It’s a great option if you are looking for:

1. unique and authentic marketing strategies.

2. 100% returns from your marketing budgets

3. accurate picture of how the marketing channels are performing.

4. skyrocketing your marketing results.

5. reaching your business goals.

The Agency has worked for over 3000 companies and manages millions of dollars in digital advertising budgets annually.

Service Focus

  • 1. Pay per click
  • 2. Email marketing
  • 3. Social media marketing

client portfolio

1. Scott’sMiracle-Gro

2. Guitar Center

3. Sportsman’s Warehouse

4. Litter-Robot

Client Focus

1. Midmarket ($10M – $1B)

2. Enterprise (>$1B)

3. Small Business (<$10M)

Founding year



Pleasant Grove, UT

Employee Strength

50 – 249

Avg, Hourly Rate

$150 – $199 / hr

Min. Project Size


Contact Email

Contact Number

(877) 956-7510

Social network

Ignite Visibility is one of the best digital marketing agencies in California with dynamic professionals and ace marketers.

It’s a highly recommended choice if you are looking for

1. Best-in-class SEO, paid media, social media, Email-marketing and creative marketing solutions.

2. Custom solutions for your business objectives.

3. Incredible response and better results.

4. 4x sales and hefty revenues.

5. A forecast of the results.

Ignite Visibility has a proprietary technology known as the “Forecaster Method’’ which helps them forecast the results for every service.

The company has represented over 150 amazing clients like Tony Robbins, The General etc. and helped them bag millions of revenues.

Service Focus

  • 1. Public Relations
  • 2. Web Design
  • 3. Website Development
  • 4. Digital Marketing
  • 5. SEO
  • 6. PPC
  • 7. Social Media Marketing
  • 8. Integrated Marketing
  • 9. Email Marketing
  • 10. Amazon Marketing
  • 11. eCommerce Marketing

client portfolio

1. Tony Robbins

2. Wedding Wire

3. DoorDash

4. 5 Hour Energy

Client Focus

1. Midmarket ($10M – $1B)

2. Enterprise (>$1B)

3. Small Business (<$10M)

Founding year



San Diego, California

Employee Strength

50 – 249

Avg, Hourly Rate

$100 – $149 / hr

Min. Project Size

$1,000 to $10,000

Contact Email

Contact Number


Social network

Thrive is an online marketing agency from Dallas, Texas having expert marketers and professionals providing effective marketing strategies.

1. Want to outshine your competitors?

2. Boost your organic traffic and online leads.

3. Want to rank your page on the top?

4. Looking for better results from a brand new website?

5. Award winning expertise.

6. Looking for better sales?

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency can be your helping hand. It provides expertise on each category and ensures that your objectives are fulfilled.

The agency has driven over 300% increase in the online leads and over 500% increase in the organic traffic.

Service Focus

  • 1. SEO Services
  • 2. Social Media Marketing
  • 3. PPC
  • 4. Web Design

client portfolio

1. Restoration 1

2. BMS Cat

3. Daryl Flood

4. Orange Theory

5. Ready Seal

6. Image 3d

Client Focus

1. Small Business (<$10M)

2. Midmarket ($10M – $1B)

3. Enterprise (>$1B)

Founding year



United States , Texas, Arlington

Employee Strength

100 – 249

Avg, Hourly Rate

$100 – $149 / hr

Min. Project Size


Contact Email

Contact Number

(866) 908-4748

Social network

IGW (Infographic World), a full-service growth marketing agency from New York City with a team of marketing strategists, SEO experts, and PR, is all you need to get your business growing.

You may need this agency for

1. Getting Qualified sales leads.

2. Boosting your revenues.

3. Getting an edge over your competitors.

4. Getting a Custom Marketing Strategy.

5. Utilising your marketing budget to the best.

The Agency is customer centric and their obsessive focus- Leads & Revenues.

Service Focus

  • 1. Content marketing
  • 2. Search engine optimization
  • 3. Search media marketing
  • 4. Video production
  • 5. Web development & design

client portfolio

1. General Electric

2. Alto Networks

3. Inc Media


5. Johnson & Johnson

6. Pepsi

Client Focus

1. Midmarket ($10M – $1B)

2. Enterprise (>$1B)

3. Small Business (<$10M)

Founding year



New York

Employee Strength

10 – 49

Avg, Hourly Rate

$150 – $199 / hr

Min. Project Size


Contact Email

Contact Number


Social network

97th Floor is an award winning Digital Marketing Agency from Salt Lake city,Utah with over 15 years of experience in the digital space.

This is an highly recommended option, if you are seeking

1. Comprehensive and strong Digital Strategies.

2. A combination of strategy and execution adaptive to the digital landscape.

3. World class SEO and advertising.

4. Accurate analytics.

5. Escalating conversion rates.

The Company has managed to scale up the revenues for their clients upto 4 times.

Service Focus

  • 1. Content marketing
  • 2. Pay per click
  • 3. Search engine optimization
  • 4. Conversion optimization
  • 5. Email marketing

client portfolio

1. AT&T

2. Filson

3. SunRun

4. Navy Federal


6. Tuft & Needle

7. Oatly

8. Adobe

Client Focus

1. Enterprise (>$1B)

2. Midmarket ($10M – $1B)

3. Small Business (<$10M)

Founding year



Salt Lake City, Utah

Employee Strength

50 – 249

Avg, Hourly Rate

$150 – $199 / hr

Min. Project Size


Contact Email


Contact Number


Social network

Rise interactive, a full service Digital Marketing agency from Chicago, is best known for its integrated performance marketing.

You’d love to work with this agency because of their

1. Data driven approach.

2. Sound marketing investment strategy to fetch the greatest return.

3. Powerful and transparent analytics.

4. Media expertise and exceptional conversion rates.

5. Ability to yield high revenues.

The Company aims at driving better business outcomes and is fueled by the most data driven marketing minds.

Service Focus

  • 1. Paid search
  • 2. SEO
  • 3. Amazon marketing
  • 4. Programmatic advertising
  • 5. Affiliate marketing
  • 6. Social media marketing

client portfolio

1. iptiQ

2. Dairy Management Inc.

3. Pandora

4. S.O.S

Client Focus

1. Mid-market

2. Large/mid-sized business

3. Enterprise

Founding year



Chicago, US

Employee Strength

250 to 999

Avg, Hourly Rate

Not Disclosed

Min. Project Size

Not Disclosed

Contact Email

Contact Number


Social network

Lounge Lizard is a Digital marketing agency from New York city with 25 years of experience in the digital space.

It’s a highly recommended option if you are looking for

1. Higher conversion rates.

2. Smart strategies that fulfills the business objectives.

3. Engaging websites.

4. Higher revenues.

This Company has successfully created millions of dollars for their clients and unprecedented volumes of new customers.

Service Focus

  • 1. 360° Digital Agency Services
  • 2. Branding Agencies
  • 3. Advertising And Marketing Agency Services
  • 4. Web Design
  • 5. Wordpress Website Design
  • 6. Shopify
  • 7. Digital Marketing
  • 8. SEO
  • 9. Social Media Marketing

client portfolio

1. Mott corp

2. WOW web design

3. Silvercast

4. Agility

5. Whelen

Client Focus

1. B2B

2. B2C

3. Government

4. Non-Profit

Founding year



New York City, United States

Employee Strength


Avg, Hourly Rate


Min. Project Size

$25,000 – $50,000

Contact Email


Contact Number


Social network

Power Digital, a leading data driven performance marketing agency from San Diego, CA is everything you need to get your conversion rates soaring.

1. Looking for SEO, content marketing, paid marketing services?

2. Dreaming of achieving higher conversion rates?

3. Having issues with web development?

4. Need innovative and effective marketing strategies?

5. Looking to nx your sales?

Power Digital is a suitable option for all of your business needs.

Service Focus

  • 1. Content marketing
  • 2. Email marketing
  • 3. Pay per click
  • 4. Search engine optimization
  • 5. Web design
  • 6. Public relations

client portfolio

1. PNG

2. Dropbox

3. AirBnB

Client Focus

1. Midmarket ($10M – $1B)

2. Enterprise (>$1B)

3. Small Business (<$10M)

Founding year



San Diego, CA

Employee Strength


Avg, Hourly Rate

$150 – $199 / hr

Min. Project Size


Contact Email

Contact Number


Social network

Perfect search media is a Chicago based digital marketing agency having an expertise in Paid search and social media advertising, SEO, Remarketing, Display, UX, Design and content.

It’s great option if you are looking for

1. Custom made marketing strategies.

2. Getting your business goals met.

3. Best in class SEO.

4. Higher sales and revenues.

Not only this, Perfect Search also offers a series of digital marketing certifications for you and your team to help you dig deep into the digital game.

Service Focus

  • 1. Pay per click
  • 2. Search engine optimization
  • 3. Social media marketing
  • 4. Content marketing

client portfolio

1. ACGI Software

2. New York Film Academy

3. Columbia University

4. Charming Charlie

Client Focus

1. Midmarket ($10M – $1B)

2. Enterprise (>$1B)

3. Small Business (<$10M)

Founding year




Employee Strength


Avg, Hourly Rate

$150 – $199 / hr

Min. Project Size


Contact Email


Contact Number


Social network

Avalaunch media, a full service digital marketing agency from Salt Lake City, Utah is one of the top digital marketing companies with 15+ years of experience and a team of highly successful professionals.

1. Tired of ineffective marketing strategies?

2. Looking for higher organic leads?

3. Conversion rates not improving?

4. Want insightful analytics?

Avalaunch media can provide expertise for each category and ensure your digital goals are met.

Service Focus

  • 1. Content marketing
  • 2. Pay per click
  • 3. Search engine optimization
  • 4. Web design

client portfolio

1. Intel

2. Groupon

3. Shook & Stone

4. GoPro

Client Focus

1. Enterprise (>$1B)

2. Midmarket ($10M – $1B)

3. Small Business (<$10M)

Founding year



Salt Lake City, Utah

Employee Strength


Avg, Hourly Rate

$100 – $149

Min. Project Size


Contact Email

Contact Number


Social network

Stryde, a premier eCommerce digital marketing agency from Salt Lake City, Utah is best known for its data driven marketing.

You can look upto Stryde for help if you want to

1. Improve your ROI.

2. Increase SEO rankings.

3. Get relevant backlinks and organic traffic.

4. Improve conversion rates.

5. Boost sales and revenues.

The company has helped thousands of customers in achieving their desired business objective.

Service Focus

  • 1. Search engine optimization
  • 2. Pay per click
  • 3. Social media marketing
  • 4. Conversion Optimization
  • 5. Digital strategies

client portfolio

1. Intercontinental Hotels Group

2. Signs.com

3. Utah.com

Client Focus

1. Midmarket ($10M – $1B)

2. Small Business (<$10M)

3. Enterprise (>$1B)

Founding year



Salt Lake City

Employee Strength


Avg, Hourly Rate

$150 – $199 / hr

Min. Project Size


Contact Email

Contact Number


Social network

What is digital marketing?

Billboards are dying.

Not too far in the future — the driverless cars and endless scrolling on mobile phones will hit the final nail on traditional roadside ads.

Why? Because no one’s watching outside their window shields.

So that makes it essential for you to target the audience where they pay attention.

Still don’t get it?

Well, there are close to 15 billion mobile devices in 2021.[1]

How about reaching out to your customers on their social media pages, Google searches, mobile apps, and emails?

This very act of selling your product or service on any electronic device is called digital marketing.

Given that 70% of the users want to learn about products and services through digital content, you’ve more reasons to choose digital marketing for your business.[2]

digital marketing

Digital marketing

• targets online customers

• builds a relationship with customers

• creates brand awareness

• promotes business

• enhances online visibility

• increases online footfall

• generates new business

Digital marketing agencies usually carry out the digital marketing cycle in 5 stages.

1. First, they set up and strategize their plans,

2. Second, they implement & analyze traction,

3. Third, they work on conversion,

4. Fourth, they get into expansion,

5. Fifth, they look for viral growth.

For example, you can strategize and plan digital marketing campaigns to sell your Piano teaching services.

Implement and test your results by the end of the campaign.

Check if your efforts are attracting

1. page views,

2. traffic, and

3. conversion.

If the campaign results are positive, you can replicate them for other months.

You’d want to avoid the campaign if the results are negative.

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.
– Tom Fishburne

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency takes your business to a whole new digital level.

They use data and analytics to create engaging marketing campaigns and spread the idea of your brand in the user’s mind.

Digital Marketing Agency

These marketing campaigns invoke

• Awareness

• Interest

• Desire

• Action

in customers.

Digital marketing agencies will

• hear out your needs

• determine your overall goal

• create meaningful marketing drives

• launch result-oriented campaigns

• pile up revenues

The stepwise process digital marketing agencies follow:

• All the digital marketing agency professionals arrange meetings to learn about the client’s requirements.

• Then they determine the marketing strategies especially suited to the client’s business.

• Once they’re ready with the strategy, they get in touch with the creative team to create the campaign.

• The digital team then sets the company’s monthly or quarterly goals.

• Finally, the digital agencies analyze the campaign and improvise to max out the resulting output.

Digital marketing agencies will offer you these services:

• Prepare, build, and manage marketing campaigns (from head to toe)

• Make you discoverable on search engines with SEO and management

• Evaluating your app and website performance and fix the issues

• Work on creating a seamless user experience on the digital platforms and campaigns

• Look for the broken links and get them repaired

• Catch up on the latest marketing trends and work campaigns out around them

• Design marketing campaign digital banners, posters, and images

• Leverage social media for campaign outreach

• Build video campaigns

• Try and find out different ways to attract new leads

• Optimize the digital marketing campaign for mobiles and tablets

• Educate target audiences with concise and coherent content pieces

• Email campaigns

Before you research the best digital marketing agencies— you need to define your business goal.

Business goals are crucial to make digital marketing agencies understand your objectives.

The best part about digital agencies is getting a diversified set of services depending on your needs.

Share your ideas with them and see what services fit the best for you.

Our list of digital marketing agencies are known for listening to your plans and serving your ideas.

When people ask me what’s the ROI of Social, I ask them… what’s the ROI of Trust, and what’s the ROI of Loyalty. The answer, when used to build relationships, will be… longer lifetime value of a customer, larger average order value, and increased frequency of purchase. All measurable and all lead to increased sales and profits.
– Ted Rubin

How do digital marketing companies charge for their services?

You must be thinking, “how much should you spend on digital marketing companies” as you look forward to taking your business a hundred steps ahead.

The answer depends on how digital marketing agencies charge you for their services.

If you look globally, most of them will charge you hourly.

Probably the reason why global digital ad spending is expected to reach $517 billion in 2023.[3]

The answer also depends on other factors like

• nature of your business

• marketing budget

• marketing goals

Here’s what determines digital marketing companies charges:

• the experience of the digital agency

• the size of the company

• the complexity of the marketing strategy

• the deadlines you set

• the type of services you need

• the unique selling points and benefits of the agencies

US-based agency charges: $100 to $200 per hour

Eastern-Europe agency charges: $15 to $75 per hour

Charges/service break-down

• Search engine optimization: $350 to $2000 a month

• Content marketing: $1000 to $20,000 a month

• Social media marketing: $900 to $20,000 a month

• Email marketing: $300 to $25,00 a month

• Voice search optimization: $600 to $2000 a month

• Video marketing : $1200 to $50000

• Customized web design: $5000 to $15,000

• Template website: $300 to $1000

• Website maintenance: $50 to $2000

Free digital marketing services don’t come good. Good digital marketing services don’t come free.
– SPINX Digital

What are the benefits of a digital marketing agency?

The fact that 58% of digital marketers succeed in their marketing goals speaks volumes about the benefits of appointing professional digital marketing agencies.[4]

This number shows digital marketing agencies benefit businesses of all types.

Let’s check out how they benefit you.

benefits of a digital marketing agency
Benefit #1: helps create profitable strategies

Benefit #1: helps create profitable strategies

Top marketing agencies organize meetings to consider the nuts and bolts of your business and strategize their marketing plans accordingly.

The more they learn about your business, the higher the chances of profitability and early return on investments for you.

They ensure strategies good enough to engage your buyers and maximize profits.


For example, Zappos— the leading shoe commerce— has stellar strategies.


• provides a 365-days money-back guarantee

• gives free shipping both ways (purchase or return)

Its services are so appealing it can afford to skip a few digital marketing tactics.

But their digital marketing agencies use social media and content marketing campaigns effectively.

They focus on buyer’s needs and wants rather than what they want the buyers to want.

A successful digital marketing agency aims to create the best strategies. Money is secondary!
– SPINX Digital

Benefit #2: boosts your businesses’ productivity

Benefit #2: boosts your businesses’ productivity

A digital marketing agency brings its years of experience and expertise to support your digital business journey.

The professionals in marketing agencies are like partners to you with only one viable goal— to see your company going viral online.

The factors that can affect your business’s productivity:

• improper understanding of campaign analysis

• uncoordinated strategies

• inconsistent brand voice and messages across

Hiring a digital marketing agency will help you plan with efficiency in mind.

They will:

• articulate goals and objectives and set marketing benchmarks

• work synergistically rather than silos to avoid confusion

• reuse and repurpose brand assets to get quick results

• take important decisions based on productivity, not politics

• manage team performance for maximized campaign output

• make successful digital transition strategies

New technology

For example, Target’s digital marketing agency improved its store’s efficiency by

• adding new technology

• introducing online ordering

• beefing-up social media efforts

• working on the web presence

• developing room for deeper customization

Target’s online sales crossed $16 billion in 2020.[5]

Choose the productive digital marketing agencies. Not the busy ones!
– SPINX Digital

Benefit #3: targets your audience accurately

Benefit #3: targets your audience accurately

Digital marketing companies work with businesses of different industrial backgrounds.

They know who your ideal audience is.

To make marketing campaigns laser-targeted, they identify your customers accurately.

Digital marketing agencies:

• analyze your products and services

• conduct market research

• comprehend purchase path

• get deeper into marketing pain points with the similar products

• look into your existing customers

• peep into your competitors’ customers

• develop a buyer persona for each demographic

• cater digital campaign message to each user

Your digital marketing agency must find a real audience.

80% of content marketing in the industry is fed to the wrong target group making your marketing efforts unsuccessful.[6]

Best digital marketing companies avoid targeting mistakes.


• don’t broad target everyone

• don’t go too narrow as well

• consider psychographic factors as opinions, interests, and hobbies

• don’t go for cash-crunched non-buying users


For example, Lucchese targets both genders with different hero images and product recommendations.

They want their target audience to see what they expect to see.

Laser-targeted campaigns are only possible with accurately determining the audience group.

Everyone is not your customer.
– Seth Godin

Benefit #4: build and feed unique content for your audience

Benefit #4: build and feed unique content for your audience

Most successful digital marketers spend 40% of their marketing budget on content marketing.[7]

The content channel can be different for them.

But the objective is the same— to reach the target audience.

The real challenge is to feed unique content to different target audience groups.

Hiring a top digital marketing agency can help you with one of the essential aspects of content marketing— quality over quantity.

They say, “you’ll have to create less if you amplify the less you created.”

Best digital marketing agencies ensure you create less but amplify what they create for your audience.

They use six elements to build and feed unique content to your target group.

• Strategize content

• Select the channel

• Research the audience

• Map the journey

• Select the topic

• Manage the project

• Create content

• Optimize content

• Distribute content

• Repurpose content

• Maintain content

Professional content writers, copywriters, and content strategists take the pain of

• researching your industry

• finding the suitable type of content for your readers

• making optimized search-friendly content

• analyzing the content performance

• editing the piece when needed

SPINX Digital web design companies

For example, SPINX answers all the web design companies’ concerns and the most optimized list of influential companies serving the purpose.

The content guide answers all the long-tail questions to the targeted customers looking to hire a web design company.

Content must be contentful for your audience.
– SPINX Digital

Benefit #5: balloons-up your business’s ROI

Benefit #5: balloons-up your business’s ROI

81% of marketing agencies consider ROI measurement as a riddle.[8]

You can say proving ROI is a challenging task for agencies.

But best digital marketing agencies know how to

• review each marketing campaign

• calculate the goods and the bad of campaign

• determine areas to continue investing in

Competent agencies give consistent successful paid campaigns and provide strong ROI for your business.

Here’s how they take ROI to the next level:

• keep track of important key performance indicators (KPI)

• adjust ads depending on KPI values

• consolidate campaigns and clients under one umbrella

• provide transparency in marketing dollar spent to their clients

• target desired outcomes

• diversify marketing mix

• execute clear lead nurturing programs

• put your business in customer’s shoe

• decode buyer’s cycle

Top marketing agencies also

• use predictive analysis and machine learning

• put automation technology into perspective

• overlook vanity metrics

• concentrate their budgets with high ROI area

Don’t count ROI. Count what you’ve done for the customers. ROI will follow.
– SPINX Digital

Benefit #6: betters company’s search rankings

Benefit #6: betters company’s search rankings

If search engine ranking is art, digital marketing agencies are Picasso of it.

Of course, paid marketing gets you 2$ for every dollar spent— but search engine marketing can get you unlimited rewards and visibility at almost zero cost.

Businesses focus on organic traffic because that gives a telltale sign of how good your search engine campaigns are.

Digital marketing agencies know how to strategize, create, and implement effective SEO techniques for business.

They’re highly trained in:

• Finding and creating a list of Keywords

• Evaluating Google and Bing’s first and second page

• Creating better content than existing competitors

• Adding a reader’s hook

• Optimizing for on-page SEO

• Optimizing for user’s search intent

• Making engaging and excellent content

• Building links to and fro to your page

• Improving and enhancing your content

• Updating the old content

Digital marketing agencies best SEO strategies— 2021

• Create content for humans, not for robots (search engines)

• Know the importance of synonym keywords for semantic search

• Use targeted keywords wisely (avoid stuffing)

• Build a seamless user experience (UX)

• Use user-generated content as an effective SEO tool

• Get organic backlinks on higher authority websites

• Build relevant backlinks rather than simply backlinks

• Organize your content for featured snippet ranking

• Work on features that slows your website

• Keep on toes with search engine updates


For example, Amazon relies on user-generated content such as reviews and ratings to offer social clues to the buyers.

It not only pushes them into the sales funnel but also helps them to make informed buying decisions.

And when you think with SEO perspective— user comments or reviews on any product add semantic depth to the page.

So Amazon uses reviews in their favor as an SEO hack.

So long the emotions exist— build your website for humans, not robots.
– SPINX Digital

Benefit #7: brings more customers to the website

Benefit #7: brings more customers to the website

Top digital marketing firms don’t guesstimate.

They constantly use data to test and analyze their marketing campaigns.

The idea is to determine the campaigns’ rights and wrongs and learn about the perfect marketing channel.

Importance of web traffic

• sales and conversion

• brand awareness

• revenue

Digital agencies apply micro-strategies to spike web traffic on your website.

Digital marketing companies no-fail web traffic strategies


• set-up keyword research as the base of marketing campaign

• write relevant content because the content is not king, but relevant content is

• use the internal link for the main navigation

• update content regularly to inform Google and stay ahead of the curve

• write effective title tags and meta description

• keep user-friendly URL

• use PPC marketing as a cost-efficient strategy

• leverage the use of social media ads

• speed up the website to prevent the users from returning

• code responsive websites

• give best possible user-experience

• analyze strategies regularly

• create videos that can go viral

• analyze competitors to create an award-winning strategy

Stellar data recovery industry

For example, Stellar, the leading data recovery industry in India, wanted to expand its reach to other countries, including the UK, USA, & Europe.

The company’s digital marketing efforts had it all, from optimizing their designs to understanding the needs of their clients.

Take a look at these exciting results:

• web traffic went up by 400%

• search engine accounted for 50% directly

• sales grew up by 75%

Customers don’t come to abandon you. Your digital strategies push them away!
– SPINX Digital

Benefit #7: saves time and money

Benefit #7: saves time and money

If you’re an SMB— you’re likely to spend between $30,000 to $145,000 per year.[9]

Don’t discount the time and energy you’ll put into executing the digital gamble.

While you can take matters into your hands and not spend huge bills, you should leave things to experts rather than have your campaign stuck with DIY hacks.

Digital marketing agencies can save you time and money.

You can also focus on core issues working with them.

How best digital marketing agencies save you money

• cheaper than hiring employees

• more efficient (less internal meetings and bureaucracy)

• super flexible in expanding or contracting their teams

• save you from marketing disasters they’ve already faced

• scale campaigns faster than any in-house team

• help with a set of marketing tools

• save you money from hiring the wrong candidates

• minimize hit and trial strategies

How best digital marketing agencies save you time

• build specific strategies (rather than figuring them out in the later stages)

• define your audience well in advance to avoid wasting time on the wrong target group

• map out buyer’s journey on the sales funnel

• use calendars to stay on the top of content marketing strategy

• avoid meaningless and inefficient meetings

• keep you in a regular loop to intimate about the campaign

Save time, save money. Save money, save nothing.
– SPINX Digital

What services do digital marketing agencies offer?

If only digital marketing were a one-person job!

Since it demands 360-degree services and as many hands, you’re likely to fritter away a lot of money.

Plus, you also have to unite the entire team and create a sense of seamlessness among all.

It can be a big hassle for you.

Fortunately, excellent digital marketing companies prevent you from all the hiring and testing disasters— and at a fraction of the cost.

You gain all the benefits of their experiences and services specially built to suit your business needs.

An excellent digital marketing agency shall offer all of these services under one roof:

services do digital marketing agencies offer
Service #1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Service #1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

70% of marketers feel Search engine optimization >>> PPC.[10]

It’s one of the services you need the most for organic visibility on search engines.

The expert digital marketing agencies such as our curated list looks into your website and fix unoptimized SEO glitches rather than suggesting PPC directly.

They’re also aware of all the ever-changing search engine algorithms to keep your website updated.

How SEO with reputed digital marketing agency helps

• pushes high-quality web traffic

• increases organic visibility

• offers amazing ROI

• builds up trust and credibility

• promotes brand 24/7

• spreads the idea of the brand to the target audience

• quickens buyer’s journey in the marketing funnel

• offers smooth user-experience

• Supports PPC success

Search Engine Optimization should be renamed customer-experience optimization.
– SPINX Digital

Service #2: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Service #2: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEO is great, but it takes a bit of time and patience to build up visibility for your website.

That’s where SEM fills the gap (also referred to as pay per click or paid search).

Should you need instant results and compete with high-ranking content in a matter of a few days, SEM is the way out.

It’s arguably the quickest way to get traffic on your website.

Digital marketing agencies know the ins and outs and put you in a prime spot for the chosen keyword.

Benefits of SEM with branded digital marketing companies

• help you reach clients immediately

• expose brand identity in Google Search Ads

• create and manage geo-targeting

• set up a schedule for PPC campaigns

• make optimized ads for the target audience

• spot you up on competitors’ related keywords

• measure SEM efforts

Search Engine Marketing is SEO on steroids.
– SPINX Digital

Service #3: Website Strategy

Service #3: Website Strategy

If you think deeply— your website is nothing but a shopping window.

Everything you do on your website is a digital marketing effort.

As it’s the essential part of your business— you need digital marketing companies who can take care of micro-elements like:

• H1 tags

• Load speed

• Images

• Functional links

You also need an expert digital agency so they

• go through your website carefully

• ensure every puzzle of the website stays fixed

• make sure customers navigate seamlessly to buy goods & services

Your website is the most loyal employee. It promotes you every second!
– SPINX Digital

Service #4: Social Media Marketing

Service #4: Social Media Marketing

Social network marketing spending has grown by 3X in 2021 to a whopping 48 billion USD in the States alone.

The figures were only close to 15 billion in 2016.[11]

And considering 3.6 billion social media users— you have a huge market to target.[12]

Most digital marketing agencies use social media as a magic wand!

You can fold at SEO or SEM once, but all the agencies advocate social media marketing for brand identity.

Benefits of Social media marketing with branded digital agencies

• increase your brand-recognition

• get more inbound traffic

• boost your search engine marketing efforts

• higher lead-to-close rate

• better one-to-one customer satisfaction

• brand loyal customers

• more social mentions and brand authority

• know more about customers’ interests and opinions

It’s almost collective marketing vs. single-handed social media marketing.
– SPINX Digital

Service #5: Email Outreach

Service #5: Email Outreach

You may want to ignore the oldest digital marketing service, but digital agencies still use it to generate leads.

It may come out as a surprise to you that global email users in 2020 are more than social media users.

Yes, you heard it right.

There are close to 4 billion email users in the world.[13]

What’s fascinating is the return on investment is 35X the amount you spend on the email outreach or 122% median ROI.[14]

You need a digital marketing agency to handle all the complex email marketing skills easily.


• manage the email contact list

• create target product offers

• personalize emails for your audience

• grow your email list

• set-up effective email campaigns

• analyze email conversion and pelt email blitz accordingly

Benefits of email outreach with top marketing agencies


• have unmatched ROI figures

• feel the sudden impact

• reach the global audience

• have your analytics measured

• cater creative email content to your audience

• get started quickly

• drive revenue quicker than social media

• reach on an already busy and engaged audience

• save money

In the time it took you to read this sentence, 20m emails have been sent.
– John Watton

Service #6: Retargeting

Service #6: Retargeting

You’ve lost people who visited your website.

But retargeting equips you with the power of reminding yourself to the users.

It increases sales by 20%.[15]

Probably, the reason why marketers advocate retarget spending between 10 to 40% of the budget.[16]

Our list of digital marketing agencies master creative retargeting campaigns to lure back the gone visitors.

Why do you need a digital marketing agency for retargeting

An excellent digital marketing agency works on retargeting campaigns to:

• keep you on the top of the mind of the users

• help your chances with converting the leads

• create hyper-focused ads

• save money (because the sales funnel is small)

• lure customers back to you

Retargeting is not “notice us— we’re the ones you checked once.” It’s “take this offer you can’t refuse.”
– SPINX Digital

Service #7: Content marketing and optimization

Service #7: Content marketing and optimization

78% of customers trust brands that offer customized content.[17]

So it’s not rocket science why digital marketing agencies use content marketing to storytell about brands.

They use it as an innovative and subtle tool to grab eyeballs without direct marketing hammering on customers’ heads.

Why content market with top marketing agency


• upload relevant on-site content regularly

• help you take up the top spot in search engines

• strengthen your domain authority

• bring in more referral traffic

• enhance conversion chances

• drive more traffic and web followers

• educate your audience

• tighten the relationship with customers

• answer queries and essential questions

• establish you as an expert

• add value to your customers

Types of content marketing

Marketing agencies may rely on any content form, including:

• blogs,

• infographics,

• videos,

• vlogs,

• social media posts.

A brand is dumb without content marketing.
– SPINX Digital

Service #8: Quality Link Building

Service #8: Quality Link Building

Did you know that top results in the first SERP are linked with 4X authority websites than those after them?[18]

Thus digital marketing agencies use link building as a vital tool to build authority.

You need to work around reputable white-hat digital marketing teams because they prevent spammy links and keep you from the Google penalty.

Meanwhile, they also work on your domain authority simultaneously.

Benefits of link-building with the top digital marketing agency

• rank on google

• establish an authoritative brand voice

• better site metrics and SEO scores

• enhance revenue generation opportunities

• get sustained referral traffic

• reduce bounce rate

• improve your trust value

• keep you guest posted on reputable websites

Don’t build links. Build relationships.
– Rand Fishkin

Service #9: Affiliate Marketing

Service #9: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing may sound like an underestimated digital marketing technique. But more than 81% of the brands rely on it.[19]

It’s nothing but modern-day door-to-door sales made on the internet.

You need digital marketing agencies to further your affiliate marketing goals because they’ve massive connections with high-traffic website owners for your product.

All they need to do is place your product or service and get you sales from these sources.

Benefits of affiliate marketing with the top digital marketing agency


• find profitable sales channels

• affiliate variety of products

• save you money

• get your new audience through affiliate influencers

• connect you with leading affiliate marketers

Affiliate is minimum input and maximum output.
– SPINX Digital

What to do while searching for a digital marketing agency?

Choosing a digital marketing agency may become a daunting experience if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

social media efforts

For example, if you’re looking to make a more extensive social presence— you should work with agencies that have plenty of accolades to flaunt in their social media efforts.

Choosing otherwise will only affect campaigns.

Here’s how you can search for the best digital marketing company in 5 steps:

search best digital marketing company in 5 steps
  • Step #1: Understand what your business wants

    Before the accurate search begins

    • sit with your colleagues

    • discuss and write down the specific needs

    • determine what you’re looking to accomplish with the agency

    • look through the areas that need special care

    • analyze the facets you’ve been underperforming

    • determine the missing element you’d want the agency to fix

  • Step #2: Know how much you’re willing to spend

    You determined the goals in the first step.

    The next step is to see what companies offer the same services in your budget.

    Your budget is the key factor in determining the agency you’ll work with.

    As you drill down the services, you automatically narrow down the search for digital marketing agencies.

    Not all agencies will offer the solutions you need.

    And you should also identify the total time you’re willing to spend.

    Branding you / your organization / your business may be as easy as walking over a pancake for some and walking on fire for others.

    Everything depends on how much you’re staying committed to the campaign and collaborating with the company.

  • Step #3: And the hunt for a digital marketing agency begins

    Decide if you want a digital marketing agency in your area.

    You can, then,

    • do online research and discover different companies close by.

    • go on any search engine

    • type “digital marketing agency in your area”

    • or search agencies that work in your industry

    • review all the result agencies

    • skim through all the agency’s portfolio and websites carefully

    • read online reviews of all the companies you liked

    • visit their customer’s website if possible

    • shortlist the names whose values align with your goals

    • write pros and cons of all the companies side-by-side

  • Step #4: Contact and meet the final choices.

    Now it comes down to contacting and meeting them in person.

    If you’ve filtered the list…

    • contact and learn more about their services

    • gather more details about them (as they’re like team members)

    • learn more on their previous campaigns

    • ask more questions on how they’ll help your company

    • imagine yourself working with them

    • think deep if you can work with them

  • Step #5: Nail the final decision and finalize terms.

    Finalize the agency you think will be strongly suited to your business needs.

    Once you’re there, don’t forget to finalize the terms.

    To have a fair and smooth experience working with the agency, you need to ask as many questions as hidden charges, deadlines, revisions, reports, etc.

    The idea is to be transparent right from the first day.

How do you choose the best digital marketing agency?

So you’ve decided to have a digital marketing agency for your business.

The decision must have been super easy!

But the challenging part is— which one to choose?

The internet is full of overwhelming information.

How do you decide the best pick for you?

Do you listen to your instinct?
Or do you go with the famous name you overheard somewhere?

Well, you don’t need to take the guesswork when you can choose the best agency for your business through intelligent tactics.

So let’s find them out?

how to choose best digital marketing agency
1. Glance through their portfolios

Glance through their portfolios

The portfolio and list of clients speak more truth than the agency’s words.

You know if the digital marketing firm is good when they take pride in displaying the partnership with the world.

If you can’t find the list, maybe the agency hasn’t worked with anyone, and you’re probably the first one.

It works fine if you’re budget-constraint.

But in other cases, you’d want to work with the agencies that showcase their work without hesitation.

What you should see

1. graphics they use

2. websites they’ve built

3. how easy it’s for you to navigate the website

4. clients testimonials

Hear their promises. Trust their portfolios.
– SPINX Digital

2. See if they have specialized and experienced experts

See if they have specialized and experienced experts

The digital marketing agencies are only as good as the team members they have.

Regardless of the services you need, it would help if you are looking for an agency that cracks the code of any work in an instant.

social media visibility

For example, if you’re looking to increase your social media visibility, you would not go with an agency without a social media manager.

One good way to identify the experts in the team is to go through their profiles on LinkedIn and the about us page on the website.

Ensure people working with you are the masters of their trades.

Digital marketing experts don’t yell about their expertise. They only flaunt their work.
– SPINX Digital

3. Go through social proof and agency reputation

Go through social proof and agency reputation

If it’s a good digital marketing agency, then you’ll find social proof all around, including their websites.

You can learn how their clients and links think of them through social reviews and testimonials.

And it’s not just positive, but negative and neutral reviews also give insight into the areas where the agency fumbles.

These are rich-client-generated data, and they’re more credible than what the agencies claim themselves.

Lastly, you know Google and Bing’s reviews always confirm your belief regarding any agency.

When you promote yourself, it’s marketing. When your customers promote you, it’s social proof.
– SPINX Digital

4. Look for similar work culture and core values

Look for similar work culture and core values

Your team + their team have to mesh well and come out brilliant.

When you’re hiring a digital marketing agency— their attitude, value, and culture matter.

And if they match with your values and cultures— it’s a bonus for you.

Collaboration with an entirely new batch of people can be challenging.

The last thing you want is to pile up additional stress on your head in integrating two different-value-holding groups.

Look into the details closely!

See what they say, act, and behave.

If you don’t get the positive cues, hop onto the next shortlisted name.

You can have different strategies, not work culture.
– SPINX Digital

5. Skim through their website

Skim through their website

You want to play Sherlock with their website because what they do with their website is what they’ll do with yours.

Good or bad!

And since websites are the stairways to welcoming heaven— they need to be right on the money.

The best digital marketing agency would replicate the internal project efforts on your website.

If they don’t justify work on their websites, don’t expect them to deliver something out of the box for you.

Their internal work is the most extensive testimony of their services.

Don’t settle for low-quality services.

You’ll come across many digital agencies that value your needs and experience.

Judge a website by its home cover.
– John Watton

6. Don’t get trapped in outlandish vows

Don’t get trapped in outlandish vows

While the digital marketing agencies must give you the timeline of work and results, don’t fall for those who make outlandish promises.


For example, any agency claiming to get you 1 million followers within a few weeks may not play honest with you.

You have to stay very attentive to the promises and claims they make.

Ensure what they tell you doesn’t sound like a “Super-Manish” claim.

If they tell you they’ll rank your business on Google in a few weeks, don’t ignore the red flag.

The last thing you want in a digital marketing agency is manipulation and unrealistic promises.

There’s a thin line between realistic and unrealistic promises. The margin belongs to your awareness.”
– SPINX Digital

7. Learn more on reaching them out

Learn more on reaching them out

A good digital marketing agency would always make it easier for existing and potential clients to connect with them.

Let’s say you’re looking for an agency to hire, and you get on their website.

Ask yourself— how easy is it for you to connect with them?

• Do they take a long time to answer you?

• Does their website feel like a maze?

• Is the contact information one click away?

• How about their call to action?

Note that you’re only meeting a digital agency for business, not the president of the States who passes you through the several filtering stages.

Nothing is more annoying than agencies keeping you in the loop without coming forward and talking plain horse sense.

So consider agencies that simplify connecting with them because these are the same agencies that will simplify the process for your customers.

If you can’t reach them, you shouldn’t reach them!
– SPINX Digital

Just in case you didn’t want to go through the hassle of searching for a digital marketing company, you know what to do.

That’s right— hop onto our list.

Why is SPINX Digital a Top Rated #1 Digital Marketing Company in 2021?

You must be wondering why you should opt for SPINX as your digital marketing partner in 2021.

Well, for a lot of reasons.

• Want to take your homemade cookies to the global level? Leave it to SPINX.

• Wish everyone knew you were the best mechanic in your locale? Leave it to SPINX.

• How about taking your dream-catchers stuff to fly on social media? Leave it to SPINX.

• Can’t stop being Amazon in your niche? Let SPINX hold the baton for you.

• Longing to wildfire your guitar tutorials on YouTube and personal websites? Let SPINX light up the spark.

• Owner of a small cheesecake bakery? Make it the brand in the town with SPINX.

• Fancying your chances as a dental service? SPINX makes you the most famous dentist in your vicinity.

Whether you’re an artist, a craftsman, a doctor, or an entrepreneur— SPINX specializes in building the best digital rapport for you.

Don’t be surprised if SPINX comes out as the #1 digital marketing company in 2021:


• know their digital things

• have the latest technology stacks

• are jolly quick

• deliver promised-results

• don’t shy away from meetings

• put customer needs above theirs

Frequently asked questions

Here are the frequently asked questions to clear your doubts.

Q#1: What is a digital marketing funnel?
Q#2 What does a digital marketer do?

Final thoughts on working with digital marketing agencies

You need both eyes working quickly and fast to rock your business.

But they need rest too.

That’s when digital marketing agencies come up as the third eye to

• drive engagement with potential customers

• boost product and services awareness

Look for an agency that:

• matches your needs

• fulfills the goals of your business

• is highly knowledgeable

• follows evolving trends

Now you must have understood the A to Z of choosing and working around the digital marketing agencies.

The only thing left for you is to— act!

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