I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.
I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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25 Must Use Marketing Apps & Business Apps in 2022

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List of 25 Must Use Business Apps and Marketing Apps in 2022

    1. Expensify
    2. InDinero
    3. Wave
    4. Canva
    5. MailChimp
    6. Asana
    7. Fuze
    8. PixxFly
    9. Hootsuite
    10. Trello
    11. Monday
    12. DocuSign
    13. Time Doctor
    14. Slack
    15. Evernote
    16. Pocket
    17. Basecamp
    18. Streak
    19. Insightly
    20. Square
    21. Buffer
    22. Tint
    23. BuzzSumo
    24. EveryoneSocial
    25. Dynamic Signal

The following list of best marketing apps and business apps is a great resource for anyone looking for ways to streamline work operations, reach new customers, or improve internal communication.

Best business apps and Marketing Apps

Marketing apps are the convenient, simple, and stress-free way to get things done. With so many advances in technology, marketing is getting easier every day, especially with the use of tech and marketing apps. For businesses big and small, these apps can mean the difference between success and failure.

These days, technology is only as good as its apps. Some apps are industry-specific, but, if you’re using technology at all, there are some crucial ones most businesses should invest in optimal returns. This year, every business needs to try the hottest business apps and marketing apps to see what opportunities they offer.

1) Expensify

Expensify App Source: Expensify.com

Looking for a way to more easily track your employees’ work-related expenses? Small business owners can take the stress out of expense tracking and reporting with Expensify, an intuitive app that allows users to drag and drop extracted text, line items, and images from receipts into expense reports. While some other accounting apps offer more robust financial tracking features for large companies, Expensify is ideal for a small business looking for an easy-to-use, low-cost expense tracking system for a handful of travelling employees.

2) InDinero

InDinero App Source: g2crowd.com

If your operation requires a more extensive accounting system, InDinero offers a toolset similar to Expensify with the added benefit of real-time support from a team of professional bookkeepers who act as an extension of your operation. In addition to standard expense tracking and report generation, InDinero can also offer financial forecasts and predict future cash flow based on past data.

3) Wave

WaveApp Source: chrome.google.com

Wave is a comprehensive accounting app that can be the hub of any company’s financial records and accounting information. This app is also ideal for freelancers and independent contractors who need an affordable invoicing and expense tracking system. The free version of Wave is incredibly robust, and premium upgrades are available for those looking for more in-depth financial tracking and professional bookkeeping services.

4) Canva

Canva App Source: canva.com

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your graphic design projects, Canva is an intuitive app full of templates for you to create visual content on your own with minimal stress. It’s free with the option to purchase premium upgrades and even includes a stock photography purchasing feature and photo editing tools.

5) MailChimp

mailchimp app Source: gsuite.google.com

Small businesses everywhere rely on the MailChimp system to automate their email marketing campaigns and keep their customers updated. MailChimp also features email campaign management tools for a timed delivery, email list segmentation, and much more. The app also easily integrates with most eCommerce applications, making it ideal for small businesses on shoestring budgets.

6) Asana

Asana App Source: Asana.com

The Asana app is an intuitive project management tool that uses a “board” system to keep team members focused and updated with the latest project developments. Create notes, share deadline reminders, and host files for team members in an easy-to-manage Asana board. This is another free app with the option to purchase premium upgrades, making it a great choice for small growing businesses in need of project management tools.

7) Fuze

Fuze App Source: fuze.com

Many enterprises work with the help of telecommuters, and Fuze is a great way to host face-to-face meetings with your team over the internet. Similar to Skype, Fuze offers video chatting, file sharing, and easy integration with other enterprise apps with business-facing interface features.

8) PixxFly

Pixxfly Source: cabinetm.com

This easy-to-use outbound marketing app allows you to manage content distribution, syndication, and multichannel marketing with a few simple clicks. PixxFly will also track your public social media posts and content publications with in-depth analytics to track your success over time.

9) Hootsuite

Hootsuite App Source: Hootsuite.com

Imagine being able to track all of your social media engagement and search engine traffic in a single interface. That’s Hootsuite, and business owners can use it to track mentions of their brands, schedule social media publications, analyze website traffic, and much more on a single platform.

10) Trello

Trello App Source: trello.com

If you’re interested in a free project management app with one of the most robust feature sets available, Trello is the ideal choice with the option to purchase premium services later. Trello is incredibly flexible, and business owners from various industries can customize the app to track deadlines, share files, and seamlessly communicate with team members about project objectives in an intuitive interface.

11) Monday

Monday.com App Source: Monday.com

Looking for a team management tool? The Monday app offers visual planning and tracking, mobile app integration, multiple project management systems, and intuitive tracking tools to maximize productivity, all in an incredibly robust interface with lots of room for customization.

12) DocuSign

DocuSign App Source: Docusign.com

Does your business employ any freelancers or independent contractors? The DocuSign app allows for easy and secure document signing, perfect for getting new employees situated with their 1099-MISC forms, contracts, and other sensitive documents without resorting to mailing or faxing forms.

13) Time Doctor

Timedoctor App Source: Timedoctor.com

Many small business owners need an easy solution to tracking their employees’ hours, and Time Doctor allows for just that with an easy-to-use interface and additional features for only $9.99 per month. Time Doctor allows employers to track employees’ hours, time reporting, and even screenshot monitoring to boost productivity.

14) Slack

Slack App Source: Slack.com

Slack is the go-to solution for enterprises looking for the features of popular group chat apps like Discord with business-facing features. Slack is great for keeping conversations between multiple employees and teams organized and on track for maximum productivity. Many business owners use the Slack app as both a communication tool and a project management system. Slack offers both free and paid service tiers and integrates with thousands of other popular business apps.

15) Evernote

Evernote App Source: evernote.com

Want a single app to keep track of your business research, important news articles, and social media posts? Evernote offers all this and more with the free version of the app, providing users with all the tools for a perfect digital scrapbook or research journal. The paid tier for business is only $12 per month with additional features for file uploads and administrator controls. Some alternatives to Evernote also available in the market.

16) Pocket

Getpocket.com App Source: getpocket.com

While Evernote is very robust journaling and research tracking tool, Pocket offers similar functionality with a more user-friendly interface. Pocket can save articles, videos, social media posts, and much more for you to browse later. You can download some types of content for offline browsing, too.

17) Basecamp

Basecamp App Source: basecamp.com

Interested in a super intuitive and easy-to-use project management system? Basecamp makes it easy to track progress with current projects, coordinate group chats with team members, and share important files safely. Unlike other subscription-based project management apps, Basecamp prices the app per project, not per user, starting at $24 per month for 15 projects or $150 per month for unlimited projects.

18) Streak

Streak CRM Source: chrome.google.com

Customer relationship management is an essential business tool today, and Streak offers easy integration with the Google application suite for business in an easy-to-use service that’s free for up to five users. You can scale the Streak app as your business grows with more robust plans for $50 to $99 monthly per user. Streak allows you to easily track and organize customers so you can keep tabs on your business relationships.

19) Insightly

insightly App Source: insightly.com

All small business owners need technology solutions, and Insightly is a fantastic customer relationship management platform that can also function as a project management hub for employees. Insightly makes it easy to track leads, tag content, and integrate social media profiles with their business contact information.

20) Square

Squareup App Source: squareup.com

A tremendous boon to many small businesses all over the country, Square offers an easy payment processing solution without a full-blown point of sale software package. After signing up, Square will send you a small square chip that can plug into a smartphone. The chip has a credit card reader, allowing you to swipe payment cards and process purchases anywhere.

21) Buffer

Buffer App Source: Buffer.com

Video content offers a tremendous return on investment, and Buffer makes it easy to time your video content uploads for peak traffic. The Buffer app can also use the integrated data analysis tool to help you determine the best upload times based on past data.

22) Tint

Tintup App Source: Tintup.com

Ever imagined having a one-stop-shop for all your social media communities? The Tint app allows you to pull content from your various social media pages into a single feed. Display your posts from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram continuously through your WordPress site, Tumblr page, or a variety of mobile apps and social pages.

23) BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo App Source: Expresswriters.com

Modern marketing requires an ear to the ground, always listening for the latest new trends. BuzzSumo not only allows you to keep track of trending topics, hashtags, and viral content more easily, but also lets you see which keyword searches are helping your competitors.

24) EveryoneSocial

Everyonesocial.com App Source: Everyonesocial.com

Small businesses can leverage their employees’ social media profiles for a new business angle. For employees willing to become brand advocates, EveryoneSocial allows you to share your branded content through your employees’ connected social media profiles, instantly creating a wide-reaching content release network.

25) Dynamic Signal

Dynamicsignal App Source: Getapp.com

If EveryoneSocial isn’t for your business, Dynamic Signal allows for easy spread of your branded content. Curate posts and content to send to your employees who can then share the content through their personal pages, creating an organic content distribution system that can be perfect for small businesses just getting started.

Some of these apps are perfect for new and growing companies while others can scale from mom-and-pop shops to large corporations; many of the biggest companies in America have already adopted many of these apps into their standard operating procedures, and business owners in all industries are discovering new ways to save time and money by taking advantage of the latest tech and marketing apps. Check out these apps and think of ways they might improve your operations.

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    Stephen Moyers

    9 thoughts on “25 Must Use Marketing Apps & Business Apps in 2022”

    1. JMartinez says:

      Thanks for sharing marketing apps and tech apps list! It really helps!

    2. Jim Fowler says:

      Great list of tech marketing apps! There are probably a lot of marketing apps available today, but the above apps are surely some of the best and most of them are free. I personally loved canva, Hootsuite, Mailchimp, and trello. Thank you for sharing!

      1. Stephen Moyers says:

        Thanks, Jim for liking the above marketing apps list. And yes Canva, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, and more tools are actually very useful for a daily basis.

    3. Linda Goodman says:

      An exhaustive list of apps! I would like to add something interesting. Came across an innovative non-app mobile advertising tool by the name of moLotus.

    4. Thanks for sharing such an informational blog which will, surely be a big help to the small medium business owners.

    5. Thanks for sharing such an informational blog which will, surely be a big help to the small business owners

    6. Thanks for sharing such an informational blog which will, surely be a big help to the small business owners

    7. john mayer says:

      Thanks for sharing such an informative blog which will, surely be a big help to the small business owners

    8. To know about the best tool for small business you should definitely go through toolowl .The company is powered by intelligence of few experienced, inexperienced, trained, untrained, laymen, domain experts, and business/technology acquainted people or experts. They all work as a team to identify key performance indicators for a particular tool from Individual’s as well as Business’ point of view.

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